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Board index » XStoryPlayer » Modding. In this thread you can find more information on the scripts used in XStoryplayer.

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First Prev 6 of 19 Go to. Jun 5, 1, Aug 14, Reactions: TheFallenBonerF95phexzoneitorboneit and 1 other person. Reactions: zazzaro. Intacto New Member.

Jul 14, 1 0. Could someone a version 2. The one posted isn't. Torpower0 Newbie. May 20, 25 9.

In tentacle dreams, when saiko comes in the lab and has fun with the monster on the desk, after a couple minutes the guy will say this has been going on long enough. What do you do after this? I waited but Monica never shows up like she should in the walkthrough.

Nov 30, Torpower0 said:. Reactions: Torpower0. Oct 25, 1, Anyone know of other games similar to this, with jiggle physics and touch interaction? I know Illusion has a few games that operate the same way in interacting with NPC's.

Are there other games out there that feature the same kinda stuff? I get so bored of H-games that just use a single-click animation system.

Gets boring. XStoryPlayer gets sex interactions just right, hoping there are similar systems out there in other games. I'm downloading PlayHome right now to check it out--hoping it's similar--but any recommendations are welcomed.

Aug 6, 7, 37, The version?? It has a couple stories. Ah yeah, I shoulda been more clear. I have both XStoryPlayer 2. Just looking for something new to play while we all wait for version 4 to be released sometime in the next decade probably I've also played through all the mods available for 3. This can't be the only H-game that uses touch interaction and jiggle physics, can it?

You would have to check out the VR games on here. Reactions: pseudeee and aifman7. Reactions: aifman7. Cirro84 Resident Evil-doer, part-time Candyman. Dec 24, 1, 1, I'm downloading PlayHome right now to check it out Last edited: Nov 11, Reactions: hardthyme and aifman7.

Thanks for the tips everyone. Gonna check through a bunch of those games you recommended, Cirro. I've played a few already, Fallen Doll and Abandoned specifically. Looks like a well polished game but I don't think my rig can handle it yet.

Abandoned is a very solid game, good recommendation. I've put many hours into it and to anyone else reading this who hasn't played it yet I second the recommendation. I've probably derailed this thread enough, sorry about that and about any noobishness on my part--I'm new around here Back on topic, I've started tinkering around in the.

I'm pretty much useless when it comes to coding in any real capacity, but if you are able to understand how to correctly piecemeal someone else's code then you could probably mod 3. I've already added in some items to the Tentacle Dreams story, took me just a few minutes of looking at the old Tentacle Dreams Ex code to figure out how to add items to a scene. Going to keep tinkering and see how easy it is to adjust other more indepth things, like moving characters around.

If you have patience and can comfortably edit. If you like XSP 3. I'll do the same if I happen to get something with a bit more substance up and running. Reactions: hardthyme and Cirro It'll probably be a few days to possibly a week before I have any mods worth noting. I'm not a coder in any respect, but like a lot of others I can interpret certain parts of simple game code and understand how the different pieces might work together.

In a game like XSP it's easy to tinker around because of how quickly you can load the game up and see whether or not your changes were successful, and xstoryplayer mod the game engine responded to those xstoryplayer mod. I never released anything since all the stuff I did was just for my own enjoyment and to attempt to learn a bit about coding and storytelling, and everything I built was extremely simple.

I'm more like a code thief or a copypaster. If you want, I could get a few of the more substantial mods that others on the xmoon forums have created and re them to mega or something. Most of those mods have been around on the xmoon forums for years so I can't imagine they're going anywhere, but if the community here would appreciate I don't mind trying to put together a modpack or two. They're usually several gigs in size though, this game tends to be a bit bloated.

I know a lot of players really love the Fast Sex aka Dungeon stuff in XSP, and I do too, but I xstoryplayer mod a little context with my H-games, so I've been trying to add more fun stuff in the Tentacle Dreams story that comes with 3. Eskarn on the xmoon forums made a fully custom story for 3. Because of that, I can't really recommend it--Not really good for a fap session imho, kills the mood.

It's worth checking out if you're bored of the current offerings though.

I'm thinking of trying to dig into Eskarn's code to see how he did the story elements and custom rooms. The apartment he created in that mod is fantastic and would be a great setting for something similar to a House Party style story in the XSP 3. Maybe we could incorporate the two cloned variant girls from Dungeon Ex into that, too That's probably beyond my means, but a man can dream. I'll post up anything solid I get working here, if and when that ever happens. Reactions: Cirro Davox Well-Known Member.

Jul 15, 1, 1, In terms of VR this is bar far the best 'hands on' experience. I've been a member of the xmoon forums for years.