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Www bbwdesire

As the name itself implies, BBWDesire is a hookup website entirely dedicated to the passion for chubby beauties with lots to love. As the dating cyberspace seems to be teeming with dating platforms of all calibers, the options for this particular niche are not as assorted. And this is exactly where BBW Desire wins: with its extended database of female profiles, they are hardwired to take you places.

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This website uses the same operating manual as all the dating sites that we have exposed www bbwdesire this website. This includes the use of fake dating profiles to lure members into buying a paid membership. Fake s being sent from women who don't even exist on the site is another part of the fraud.

Their end goal is to trick you into paying for a recurring membership that continues to take money from your credit card until you realize that this site is a rip off and you cancel your membership. Most men who frequent these types of dating sites are usually lonely and desperate to look for women.

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This unfortunately makes them gullible and easy to rip off. So, when men who are registered as free members on this dating site start getting s from local ladies, they jump and have no problem buying a membership. Unknowing men don't realize that all the s that they are receiving are completely fake and no women are ing them at all. As in all these situations it's the same thing over and over and over again, these websites use sophisticated software programs to send and reply to messages.

The scam here is that if you tried to reply or communicate to any members on the site you have to have a paid membership. That's what the scam is all about they want to get rich off of your gullibility and ignorance. Again as with all the other dating sites that we www bbwdesire exposed for conning people, this site once again uses fictional female profiles. It works well in every other scam dating site so BBWDesire has copied the same program to deceive people.

In this particular case this site calls their fake girls "Ambassadors". If you read the terms and conditions which you should it clearly states that they create fictional profiles called "Ambassadors". These profiles contain photographs and all the other general information you would find in a legitimate dating www bbwdesire of course these women are not real members of the site. You also understand and agree there are profiles posted on the Site that reflect fictional persons or automated characters through our dating "Ambassadors" program. This garbage site is a complete scam deed to make millions for the owners of the site but giving it's members no value whatsoever.

I have definite proof that BBWDesire is a scam. Too girls with different handles and locations but the SAME pictures!

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I just relocated from North Carolina to Wisconsin and I saw the same pictures from woman with a different screen name but still local location. It just depends on whether you want your money back or care what some bank teller thinks about you. Same happened to me so i had to send an saying that authorities have put a trace on my card for fraud and i made www bbwdesire sound really convincing. Make it like credit card fraud and identity theft. They emalied me apologize and put money back www bbwdesire my card nxt day.

Make it sound true. All sex date sites are scams even the highest rating site i've paid hundreds to investigate and found that most if these so called horny women are being paid same women on porn sites are being used for sex date sites even tumblr are sneaking in sex date sites I live in a small town in Arizona and never seen any of these so called horny women that say thay live here and I know the hole town these stupid sites are even in the Google play store we need too get these sites removed with prison terms and hefty finds these sites however entertaining are taking advantage of men's vulnerability The best thing to do is stay away.

Women dont ask me for money because im too sharp smoke weed listen to hip hop and reggae and I move with shady guys and im am ex gang member.

Bbwdesire review

Lol, can't believeI'm the only femalecomplaining. Guys listen to what they did to me.

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Well got through and all of a sudden I had nothing but women contacting me. Went to my profile and they had my sex down as a man and my preferences was for women.

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That was yesterday contracted customer service on their chat line was told to call a to correct their major FUTo have customer service close the window before I could retrieve the. Plus I paid for a 3 day subscription and was told I couldn't send messages.

Yes it is a definite scam. I actually know one of the girls who had no knowledge she was even on the site. After your half way through membership, the site listed every girl as an online cutie or fake model. Didn't know there was that many people in that town, let alone the women on this site. I ed this month it has taken me a week to realise there are very few real women on this site.

Bbwdesire: interface and features

None in my area even though there appears to be over 50 of them. I got throught to their customer services online chat and had a right go saying about the fake women, I was imediately told my membership would not be billed again. What a scam. Site is a scam…. I KNOW one of the girls and actually dated one of them on the site. She does not live in California but instead lives in Italy. They must right click and save facebook pictures and make fake profiles with them.

It was odd seeing her face on this site saying she is a single mother from California considering I'm friends with her on facebook and she definitely doesn't have kids haha. Stay away from this site. This is a scam everything about this site is fake except the girls……. But most of them are taken off of other sites…… Save your money. I ed up on this website two weeks ago.

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It took me a few days to suspect that this site is one big scam. I felt so dumb putting my image on this website. Moreover, their members will never agree to chat off the site, that way you can keep buying their tokens.

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They keep sending their so called useless picture gifts so you can reply them with yours, which cost you more tokens by the way. Yup, I would like to think I was smarter than that also but major fucking scam…some pics look like they were done In a studio some you need to think"who took those? VERY poor site. I opted for the 3-day trial.

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Say what?? A trial period should offer what you'd get for paying for the month, yes? Owners of this site are dicks. I've been a member for 6 months and haven't gotten laid once! This site is such a scam, I'm only angry that I didn't notice sooner! I stumbled across this site www bbwdesire was skeptical, so I left. The next day I decided to look up a review and the first review I came across was good. Well, that was a lie. The good review convinced me to get the 3 day trial, since that's the only way you can communicate.

I started messaging every girl I thought was hot, and they all messaged me back right away.

Bbwdesire users

These were supposedly local girls and it was 2AM!!! Plus the messages were all VERY generic, and I halfway think they were all written by people who aren't native speakers of english. Then, since they all messaged me back, I reached my limit for how many messages I could recieve, which means that even if this site were real which it's not the 3 day trial would be completely worthless.

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Yup its a scam straight automated, I'm caught too many BBW porn stars pics and there profile. And when you confront them about it they either say nothing or add you to www bbwdesire favorites. Then theyre dumb enough to talk about meeting from across the country. Anyone knows the real site where you can get them so cheap…cant trust any site at this moment. BBWDesire is a total scam! There are 2 catagories of women. Its really sad the site is a fake its all on a computer same ladies pop an over and over. Bbw desire should be a shame of them selfs very untrueful site bad deal.

I won't bother with much as far as to say I ed yesterday and within three he's thought I'd be conned. Then wanting more money how do they get away with it!! Pity I didn't see this earlier I've been done!