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Will piper perri do anal

The thing is, I think Piper Perri is one of the best pornstars in the industry right now. If you have been watching porn whether, on porn tubes or premium sites, you surely must have seen her taking a cock at some point.

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Piper Perri nude is a sight to behold.

My age: 34
What is my nationaly: Belarusian
What is my hair: Flaxen
Body features: My body type is muscular
I prefer to listen: Reggae
Body tattoos: None

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Piper is a very petite girl who recently started her porn career. She is just getting started but she has quite a following already.

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I asked her some probing questions and she was more than happy to answer them. Piper Perri: I grew up all over the place. I was in Maryland and then we moved to Florida, when I was about 5. Then it was to New Orleans, Hawaii and then back to Pennsylvania. I finally left there at the end of 5 th grade and I think we went back to New Orleans.

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At some point, I experienced Hurricane Katrina. Then we moved to Texas and Arizona and back to Texas. CJ: I have to ask a sex question, I just interviewed a girl and she says she gets jealous of these petite girls that can take a cock balls deep in her pussy. Now, is your pussy proportionate to your body? Can you take big dicks deep?

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Piper: Yes! It definitely depends. I will concentrate that day on relaxing a little bit more because it does make it easier. Staying relaxed is really the key. Piper: When I was I had actually been masturbating for a while. I remember using a hair brush handle and I masturbated all day long. One day, I did it so long that I actually bled a little bit.

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It was horrible! One day, I was at a Skate Center with some friends. We decided to leave from there and go to a party.

Some dude was turning 18 or something like that. I lied and said I was I met this guy and got his. We flirted a bit and two weeks later, he invited me to come over. My best friend was encouraging me to lose my V card and the club. I wanted to be bad soo bad.

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I wanted to fit in and be able to hang. I went over and he put on the Exorcist. This was about 9pm.

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I remember the movie and the time and we had sex. After that, we did it 6 more times. CJ: OK, looking at you, you look about When you were 13, did you look 9 and pass yourself off as 16? CJ: You banged 6 more times that night, did that open up the floodgates? Were you promiscuous after that? Piper: I think so a little bit. I had a super duper crush on someone else and I was constantly talking to him and I took his virginity.

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The Time. In high school, they called me a little nympho.

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Piper: Actually, my first experience ever was with a girl in the 6 th grade. It was a friend of mine. I actually started messing with girls younger than that, 4 th5 th grade. We played doctor or I was mommy and she was daddy.

Free piper perri videos piper perri porn movies piper perri

Piper: As I said, I just got out of a really bad relationship. I was also on different social media websites and I just wanted to talk to different people. I was on OK Cupid and I had enough of guys. I could post an innocent picture of myself, even just my face, and guys would flood my inbox with sexual suggestions.

I was sick of it. I talked to this one girl who was really hot.

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She messaged me back and we flirted a little bit. She told me I had the perfect body and face for adult films and magazines.

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She asked me if I ever considered doing it. She worked for an agency and had done some videos herself. I had been approached with offers like this in the past and they usually were. But this one was perfect.

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I thought maybe this was a. So I felt like this had to be something good. My ex and I were pretty freaky and he loves taking pictures of me.

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So I kind of learned how to pose from him. I took these really hot pictures and sent them in. And, by the way, I had braces. I walked down two flights of stairs at my house and before I hit the floor, I had a phone call. It was a and I thought it was a bill collector. I thought for a second and decided to answer it.

It was an agent and he asked when I could down to Miami. I had animals to take care of and after a day or so, I flew down there. It was totally random. I had pursued modeling in the past and was starting to embrace my sexual side. Piper: Oh yeah.

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My mom had a little bit of involvement with the adult industry. She was a dancer for a of years. She finally started opening up to me and says she really wants me to work for Vivid.

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My mom and myself have a fantastic, very open relationship. Piper: My agent did.

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I think I put in Ashley Banks or something really generic. When I got there, they told me I was Piper Perri.

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I think it fits, a bubbly blonde. CJ: So what was your first scene like? It was more of a fetish scene and the first one was a foot fetish scene. It was a lot of fun, actually.