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What are ghost nipples

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Just as breasts come in all shapes and sizes, nipples can vary greatly from person to person, too. Nipple color is usually related to your skin color, but changes in hormone levels and other factors can cause the color of your nipples and areolae the darker circle of skin around your nipple to change at certain times. Pale nipples are usually not a of a serious problem. Sometimes visible changes are the first of a condition that needs medical attention. Through the years your breasts may change in size and shape.

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Breasts come in all manners of sizes and shapes, so also nipples.

On the average, nipples and the areola areas of the breasts are dark. When your nipples lose color and become like the rest of your breast in what can be termed ghost nipples, it is not normal.

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But are pale nipples the cause for worries? Yes and no.

It depends on the particular cause of your pale nipples. Menopause : When you hit menopausea lot of changes will occur in your body. Your breasts will not be excluded. Your breasts as a whole may become smaller and your nipples and areolae areas may react by losing color.

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None of these is a guarantee but if you have reached menopause and discover your nipples are becoming paler and paler, it is most likely natural. Pregnancy: When you are pregnant, a whole human is growing inside of you. This is a big deal and it is very common for your body to react to this situation in various.

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One of the organs that carry a larger butt of these reactions are your breasts. They become larger and swell with milk in anticipation of the coming breastfeeding. One change that usually occurs during pregnancy is your nipples and areolae area losing color.

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Breastfeeding : When you breastfeed, you may find out that your nipples are losing color. This is perfectly normal.

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Your baby is probably sucking the color out of your breast. If you know how tasty breast milk is to them, you would totally understand.

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Hormonal changes: If your areola suddenly gets darker than usual or goes paler up to the ghost nipples point, sometimes it is just your hormones adjusting and resolving. If you take oral contraceptives, then it is most likely the cause as these have been shown to cause hormonal reactions in women.

Cancer medication and treatment. Some drugs taken for cancer and some cancer treatments such as lumpectomy which is the surgical removal of cancerous lumps will have lighting effects on your nipples.

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Mind you, this is not to say that cancer is saying that pale nipples are a symptom of cancer. No, we are saying that people who already have breast cancer may find some of the treatments and medications turning their nipples pale.

Breast enlargement procedure: If you go under the knife to augment your breasts, you risk a handful of things happening to your breasts.

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One of them is pale nipples. However if your pale nipples are accompanied with any of these, then you should see a doctor:. The truth is that you do not have to wait for any of these secondary issues before you go see a doctor.

If your nipples have lost color and it worries you then you should see a doctor. Don't be coy, let your friends see this! Glass Eyes: Everything you need to know.