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Tumblr sex and submission

Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex.

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This is where I go to be myself.

This has been my refuge and a home I am Trish Nielson. While this is me, it could also be you. As we go through various stages of our lives, we go through periods of education, of risk, of curiosity, of staying safe, of exploration. There are challenges, and ups and downs.

Questioning how we want to define ourselves, our relationships, what we choose and need to include, that which we have excluded. My journey is in many ways feeling as if I am at the beginning again, even though it is somewhere in the middle, because now I have returned to that of place where I am once again learning me.

While I explore myself and learn better who I am. As I expand my knowledge of myself and increase the places I may dare to dream. This will all be a part of my blog. This is simply a running journal, things I feel, think,see or imagine. What I am now daring to dream. If we never dream?

How can the dream come true. Most of what you see written is mine I will make a comment if the words are not my own. I do very few re-shares, unless they impact me deeply Most posts are originals, with borrowed internet photo content, If credit has been omitted in the post, Please let me know so I may include it.

You deserve the credit for your beautiful works. And thanks to my followers, for continuing to encourage me to explore, and write. It was a beautiful sunny day in the park where she had gone to have her lunch that day. A brief visit of bright warmth in the middle of the bitter cold of winter, She had found a place to eat and sat on the bench.

Closing her eyes she tilted her head back feeling the sunshine, while she breathed in the fresh air Drinking in the sunshine, singing birds and the rustling of the leaves on the trees she was finding her internal peace She got a small chill down her spine, and instantly looked around, and realized there was a handsome man sitting across from her. A Yeti bag sat next to him. Like her he had on a warm overcoat and wore gloves. He smiled at her when their eyes met, he stood and walked over to the bench she was on and invited himself to sit with her while they eat.

She had to admit, sharing a meal with another was very nice.

Their conversation was easy and relaxed. Strange since generally she was self conscious with men, since her track record leaned toward abysmal with relationships. Not that this was a relationship or even had a shot at it. But he made at ease, and gave her tingles in places buried deep inside.

And to feel things that she thought long dormant that they never had a shot of being felt again. His voice was deep and held a commanding note, the type that real leaders, and strong men possessed. But when directed at her, it was like a long glorious massage relaxing her into his pull. He was like a magnet and she like a reactive metal irresistibly attracted to him.

Sex and submission

When she looked at wrist for the time, her sports-watch made her realize she had been an hour and a half at the park which seemed like only brief moments. It was not that she had a measured lunch break, in fact she rarely had lunch breaks at all, but she did need to rush as she had a deadline to meet before she could leave for the day,for the weekend.

She tossed a part of her last carrot to a nearby squirrel who promptly sat at attention after retrieving it and ate hungrily. He also glanced at his watch and was startled when he realized how much time had passed.

Like her, he wrote his own hours and had much left to be done before he was through for the day. But he did not want this to be then end of their visit. He mentioned a restaurant and said he would meet her there at She had no time to respond before he was gone. She put the restaurant into her phone while she walked, and then committed the time to memory. It was not far from where she lived, yet she was unfamiliar with it.

The afternoon found her project completed and she actually left on that Friday afternoon at a respectable time. Taking the time to shave closely everywhere, and then apply lotion.

She enjoyed a cup of tea while selecting her clothes for the evening and applying her make-up. She had chose a Sheer dress with built in bra cups. It was colorful like the day had been the dress had the appearance of a cascade of brilliant flashes of color overlapping one another and made her smile just looking at it.

And it made her feel sexy like he had made her feel that afternoon. The bodice was tight while the skirt opened into an a-line.

Allowing her curved body to become the shape of the dress. She would continue to wear her pashmina on her shoulders, but she wrapped it decoratively around her neck for warmth as she chose to walk to the nearby Italian restaurant. When she got to where the address should be, it was not there, and was dismayed until she smelled garlic, following the scent got her to the right place, it was actually in the alley while an art store seemed to be where the address should have been.

She walked in five minutes early, and he was already seated, He stood immediately and helped her with her coat. The scarf was instantly a shall.

Sex and submission (domination)

There was a warm fire in an old fireplace and beautiful paintings on plaster walls which made it seem like they were actually in Italy. She instantly loved the place. The woman came to greet them warmly and told him it was good as always to see him. She told him that she would select for us tonight, if that was okay, We let her take out menus while they visited for a moment, and she left us.

Nearly instantly a young man came to pour us a glass of Chianti, and brought bread warm from the oven. Our conversation was much as it had been in the park, and they were both deeply was disappointed when their meal had ended.

Sex, love and submission..

He suggested going to a place for a nightcap while he helped her into her coat, Normally a no would have been instantly offered on her part. But the back of her mind which always screamed no in the past, seemed strangely quiet this evening. They took a cab to a large stately building. The bar was on a well lit corner. Without asking he ordered them the same drinks. Grand Marnie. She thought that she was being led to a seat as he placed his hand on the small of her back. Something which ordinarily she would have bristled at, but his touch seemed correct there.

He led them into a large lobby looking area, for a large collection of corporate suites. The area was bright and would have been austere were it not warmly decorated with framed art which was in fact for sale. Each piece with aa price, and a phone.

They walked easily through the lobby looking at each of the pieces, their pace steady enough to see each one, until one in particular 33, stopped her. It captivated her leaving a nostalgic lump in her throat, it looked so much like the coastal town she came from with a colorful harbor.

Alive with bustling activity, the shore birds flying around and making themselves pests to all those who were off loading their catches of the day. Lobsters and crabs being dropped into wood crates while the fish were being removed by a large mechanical arm swinging the fish from the barge to a waiting truck, the large net holding the still active fish high in the air as it was moved slowly.

So much emotion from one image. She was not used to being so moved by a painting. Glancing at the price told her that she could never afford to own such a masterpiece, but she could savor this moment. She was a little embarrassed when she realized her handsome friend was intently watching her instead of the painting, She rapidly flicked the tear from the corner of her eye and smiled up at him.

This man made her feel like she had never felt before, excited and aroused, tingling in all the right places, and a hunger so unfamiliar and deep, she felt like she were floating on a cloud of happiness. Not wanting this evening to ever end. Things like this did not happen to her.