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Trials in tainted space quests

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Crimson Mockingbird views. A Queens jury took only a few hours to convict Chanel Lewis, 22, of strangling Ms. Vetrano as she jogged in a park. His DNA was found on her body. Trials in Tainted Space's gameplay is not immune to exploitation. There are various features the player can access, intentional or otherwise, to gain a desired advantage in the game.

Most of these exploits may have been left in the game during various points of development and are subject to change if and while the game is in development. This will only list cheats that are acknowledged by the developers themselves and are approved for public release.

The cheats listed will only be ones that are attainable in-game, during play. For out-of-game game-editing references, try the save editing. The game has various cheat codes that can be inputted by the player. This can be done in two ways:. This information is a bit outdated, so some codes may not work in current versions. Try at your own risk.

This is a list of exploitable events, items, or characters that the player can use to Captain Steele's advantage. She's running a holo-gaming group in the bar, taking bets on her skill with shooter games. Captain Steele can approach her and try their luck against Syri the better Steele's aim, the better chance of success. After several bets, including one for sex, she'll agree to meet Captain Steele during the mornings at the bar, where she's much less aggressive -- and indeed, asks Steele to be her friend. Once befriended, Steele finds a much more intelligent, affectionate playmate in Syri, though she's still more than willing to take Steele up on bets in the afternoon.

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Syri Dorna is a six-foot tall ausar girl with shoulder-length raven hair and a pair of huge, perky wolf ears perched atop her head. Though she's got a distinctly human body and face, the silky fur on her arms and legs, and the swishing, bushy tail give her a distinctly feral, alien appearance. Her attire is loose and carefree: a pair of torn up jeans, tall leather boots, and a T-shirt that's a little too tight, accentuating her ample bust; more distinctive, though, is the long military coat she's wearing. Long and flowing, her jacket nearly reaches the floor, and certainly seems to have seen better days, even if its buttons are brightly polished, glistening proudly amidst tears and cuts all around them.

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Under her tight clothes, you can see the outlines of her taut muscles: powerful legs, a firm ass, and a hint of a six-pack. What draws your eyes, though is the distinctive bulge between her legs, hinting at the big, veiny, knotty cock lurking below. Syri has a pair of full DD-cup breasts, big and bouncy and oh so soft, each tipped with a big, sensitive nipple that's perfect to tug and squeeze.

A thick eight-inch knotty dog-cock rests between Syri's legs where her cunt ought to be, hanging over a pair of cum-filled testicles, surrounded by a nicely trimmed bush of downy pubes. Opposite that, she has a nice, inviting little asshole between her firm cheeks, right where it belongs. Syri is the 'black sheep' of the wealthy, aristocratic Dorna family. A tom-boy from the outset, she ran away from home in her teens and ed the t Ausar Federation's army, throwing away scholarships to several prestigious universities to do so.


During her career in the military, Syri became a combat engineer and participated in several peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. She was also involved in a single, major combat drop which thus far she refuses to talk about in detail. Her military career ended when she and Commander Valden, her superior officer, were volunteered to test experimental warp field tech deed by her sister, Anno, for the government. The tech backfired completely, with Commander Valden going missing and Syri being gravely injured.

The most notable change to her body, however, was the sudden appearance of a canine phallus where Syri's vagina had been, changing her from a female to shemale. After being discharged, Syri's bummed around the galaxy working as an engineer to supplement her pension. Despite the unintended changes to her body she's suffered, Syri stubbornly refuses to revert to a purely female form, saying that she's actually very happy the way she is now. She's currently working on Mhen'ga, constructing a huge bridge to the west of Esbeth to allow easier colonization of a verdant valley in the region.

Syri is introduced during the afternoon at Burt's bar, taking challengers against her skill at first person shooter games for credits. After betting thrice for credits, Syri will be more open to Steele, suggesting they bet for sex.

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At this point, Syri will reveal her cock, giving Steele a chance to back out. If not, who's on top in the aftermath is determined by a difficult aim check. An aim of 20 or better is suggested to have a reasonable chance of success against Syri. After Steele and Syri become Fuckbuddies and steele is not a naga or taur, it is possible to bet for petplay in which the loser becomes the winner's pet for a day. During her initial talk scene she will ask Steele to become Fuckbuddies. This scene will repeat until Steele accepts. Syri has an optional talk scene in which she asks about Steele's reading habits, and offers to share some e-books with Steele.

Responding positively to this will give Steele a slow intelligence gain of 1.

Once Steele and Syri are Fuckbuddies, it is possible to approach her and choose sex during the morning or through Kiss her to access her morning menu for the following options. Steele can choose to either:. When betting against Syri for sex, the following sex scenes are possible. All take place in front of a rowdy crowd of onlookers. Sex scene will vary based on if Steele wins or loses the bet.

When approaching Syri in her bar whilst having the Fuck Fever status effect the anal heat reaming scene will start. On Uveto, Syri can be asked if she's had any run ins with Milodans.

Where she will reveal she actually wants to bag one to pet and fuck for a bit. After her departure, Syri can be found at the scout station on Uveto.

If you have Anno as a crewmember, she'll talk with Steele and Syri when you go back to your ship to talk with Syri. Syri will inform you of new information she received from within Akkadi, regarding the man she entered the gate with, Valden. Since she can't break into Akkadi on her own, she devised a plan that she needs Steele's help with. Several talk actions will be available then, revealing more information, such as that Syri and Valden were the unit mentioned when Anno talked about the first test of her Warp Gate de.

After asking about her plan you can either accept or decline. If you accept, you're told to talk with Syri down on the surface of the planet after preparing yourself.

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Once you do, you'll be taken to a job interview with Myrra. Choosing to flirt will result in a threesome sex scene with Syri and Myrra, though both options will allow you to continue. After getting hired, Syri gets you on the ship so you can break into the Akkadi Black Base.

After defeating Commander Schora and her Drop ship you will meet up with Syri, and after explaining what happened during the Quest, the quest will be completed and if Valden is in Calnor it is possible to have an optional threesome with Valden first if he's in Calnor's body. If you have Anno on your ship Anno will appear and after a short shouting match reveals herself as the tipster that informed Syri of Valden's location. After this, Syri will say she loves you and set up shop behind the Freezer with new dialog options.

While this is primarily used for reference, do note that, as a player, you are responsible for your actions in the game--this includes using cheats and exploits. It is highly advised to make a save before attempting any of the following cheats. Always remember to keep a backup copy of your original, unaltered, save file! The basic setup of the joke is to make a comparison between two things and imply that certain properties are associated with one thing, then as them to the other.


Cheat Codes The game has various cheat codes that can be inputted by the player. This can be done in two ways: By using a keyboard and directly typing the message at any time while playing the game.

By accessing a text input box such as using V-KO's CustomInput option and inserting and submitting the code there. The input box is limited in what cheats it can activate so not all cheat codes are compatible with itand is primarily there for users who use virtual, screen-prompted keyboards. It is recommended to input cheat codes in on the codex console under options to prevent any unwanted actions such as moving or item usage.

Codes that cannot activate via the console can be activated in the main Codex screen. Because all of the main Codex options are ased to sthis will prevent unwanted actions. Holding Shift while typing will also prevent unwanted moving or item usage.

Does nothing if none of the other Treatment cheats have been activated. The state of either being pre or post bimbofication. For the player: Whether or not the silicone tank is installed in the player's ship. Nym-Foe: Options for Nym-Foe's combat: The state of being broken, fixed, fixed and hostile, or not yet encountered.