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Whenever your character has sex with an infected individual there is a small chance they gain the hidden status Undetected "SSTD". After a while this then becomes a visible status informing the character of which SSTD they have. For 10, credits Dr. Lash can provide an immunity to SSTDs. Only known method of lowering Taint is not inducing more Taint- it will go down by 1 point every 72 hours that more taint is not gained.

Taint is tied closely to Libidoof taint points resulting in the minimum of Libido. Furpies is not a naturally occurring disease. She initially infected a small group of not-so-willing volunteers on [REDACTED], but it was not identified for six more months thanks to its insidious de. This strange disease was carefully engineered to appear asymptomatic in most of its hosts. Thousands were infected before the first symptoms were identified, and millions more had this pernicious plague before the scientific community could even begin to pin down its unnatural biology.

It spread like wildfire through the core for nearly two years before countermeasures were devised. Hundreds of billions had been infected, with billions more ready to fall victim to it with the coming of the rush. Furpies is an ongoing public health crisis on the frontier, though many core planets have succeeded in wiping it out at great cost. The ausar in particular stamped it out quite quickly.

Any way unturn in dr. badger through save editing? (resolved)

Furpies is transmitted through almost any bodily fluid, including saliva, semen, blood, vaginal secretions, anal secretions, milk, and similar protein-based secretions. Genderless beings as well as those with full-body fur are curiously immune to infection, though almost any other species can fall prey to its terrifying effects. It is even known to bypass most commercial immune system enhancements.

As always, the Galactic Health Ministry recommends abstaining from sex with unfamiliar partners or usage of prophylactic devices to prevent the spread of disease and minimize mess! In most hosts, Furpies lies dormant, transforming its infected host into an inadvertent seeder. A biological clock built into the virus itself will count down over five to ten years, then switch Furpies to an active state.

If strong steps to eradicate Furpies are not taken, the galaxy may become a lot furrier in the years to come, something some species would welcome with open arms - and others would violently protest. The U. She is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Created by Dr. Badger to be spread extensively. Virtually eliminated in the core, absolutely rampant on new rush worlds. The simplex is determined on the third day of infection. Furpies Simplex C, an artificial pathogen developed by Dr. Symptoms include: arousal, persistent arousal, growth of body hair, reduced inhibitions, transformation of genitalia, and acquisition of feline features. Furpies Simplex D, an artificial pathogen developed by Dr. Symptoms include: arousal, persistent arousal, growth of body hair, reduced inhibitions, transformation of genitalia, and acquisition of canine features.

Furpies Simplex H, an artificial pathogen developed by Dr. Symptoms include: arousal, persistent arousal, growth of body hair, reduced inhibitions, transformation of genitalia, and acquisition of equine features. An ever-present danger of planet rushes is the intermingling of spaceborne illnesses with indigenous lifeforms and the mutations that can result.

In the case of the junk planet Tarkus, it was the mingling of a simple fever brought by one of the rushers with the breeding-driven biology of the local raskvel that brought about locofever. The locofever virus attacks the brain and reproductive organs, causing the production of hormones that produce an estrus-like response in the infectee akin to the natural state of raskvel.

Checking your browser before accessing the website.

The desire to breed becomes overwhelming, while pleasure from masturbation is sharply reduced to further encourage the infectee to have sex as often as possible. A typical host is capable of fighting off the infection within one to two weeks. Most publicly available immune boosters are able to prevent the spread of the infection, which has prevented locofever from becoming an epidemic, but curing the illness requires direct medical treatment or letting it run its course.

Locofever is believed to still be uncommon among raskvel, though the exact s of infected are difficult to determine both because of raskvel breeding habits and because the species is asymptomatic. Aside from them it is most commonly found among younger ausar, who have been known to deliberately infect themselves with locofever as a form of recreational drug and cultural rebellion. Exclusivly obtained from Raskvel Female and Raskvel Male encounters. PCs with a cock are put in rut for the duration.

PCs with a vagina are put in heat for the duration. PCs with both get both at once. Neuters are immune to the disease. Masturbation, including shower masturbation, does not reduce lust for the duration. While it is both acquired and passed in a similar faction to the rhinovirus more commonly known as the common cold and causes many of the same effects, its additional effect of causing spontaneous mammary gland enlargement led to its unique classification.

Because its initial symptoms are no different from the common cold, most who carry the mammovirus are unaware of it until they sneeze. While the growth is usually to small degrees, a single cup size in standard measurement, growth of as much as four cup sizes has been observed.

The origins of the mammovirus are unknown. Rumors trace it back to an abandoned Xenogen Biotech project, an inhalable mammary-enlarging fluid that was intended to compete with the Boobswell p. Xenogen Biotech listed this product among other items for upcoming release, but never became available to the public.

The first known case of the mammovirus was recorded several months later, leading to rumors that the two were related. Xenogen Biotech has not commented on the matter. Those who do not want the additional mammary growth often seek to cure any cold they get as quickly as possible, while those who desire the effect will seek to induce sneezes. In some communities, those who are known to be infected visit and attempt to infect those who desire the additional mammary growth.

Every time they sneeze, their boobs will go up by at least one cup size. This will continue until the disease goes away, Steele gets the disease cured, or Steele reaches the maximum possible boob size.

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It lasts for days. When its duration is over, Steele will automatically have one sneeze for a single cup size of growth. It is contracted rarely in combat with an NPC who is infected. Infected NPCs will show cold like symptoms in the combat messages. This will only occur once per combat. Interacts with Dumbfuck so that each orgasm will trigger a sneeze.

Cooties is an infectious virulent disease carried by people with a female sex. The disease is most commonly appears within prepubescents who show the following symptoms: greatly increased bitchiness, itchy skin and queefing when carrier has a vagina. Curiously enough arousal and spontaneous vaginal growth do not occur unless the carrier is legally of adult. The disease is air-born but has a greatly increased infection chance when coming in contact with members of a different sex and is known to mutate itself if the newly infected is vaccinated against the disease.

Due to this it is known that children will attempt to avoid contact at all cost with members of a different sex. In adult for currently unknown reasons the disease will become active during early April and then suddenly go dormant again.

It is known however that until vagina growth has happened in a male or neuter carrier the virus cannot infect others. Symptoms in adults include: arousal, itchy genital region, bitchiness, spontaneous vaginal growth, and queefing. Cooties usually runs its course in approximately three days. From Trials in Tainted Space Wiki.

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