TIME FOR COLD COLORS – Color of the year 2018

    TIME FOR COLD COLORS – Color of the year 2018

    This calendar year is nearing its end and it’s already time to look at what trends we expect from the next one. If you have not followed us, we will send you a message that the Pantone Institute has discovered which color will officially be the color of the year 2018.

    The choice fell on – ULTRAVIOLET! 🙂 I must admit, I was very happy because I love strong and cheerful colors, they are very effective and grateful for achieving an accent when decorating and decorating the interior.

    You will see for example how this color works in various variants, but before I find out why this shade is chosen for the color of the year! 🙂

    2018 Trendy Colors

    Officials of the Pantone Institute see this purple tint, which tends to be bluer than red tones, as a very optimistic color, a color that empowers, associates the peace of Provence and purple floral fields.

    This color, playing a role in interior design, industrial spaces, and products, fashion, art, and food, reflects the idea of ​​not living and thinking inside a box or outside the box, but without a box.

    Following the “GREENERY” of 2017, the grass fresh, which reflects new beginnings, this ultraviolet invites to originality, inventiveness, advanced thinking, deleting the borders … If you read between the lines, the ULTRAVIOLET is the color for brave and untouchable, so please put in …

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