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The tyrant f95zone

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Do you enjoy the mod Yes Votes: 1, No Votes: 7. Total voters 2, It is my first modding venture so be nice. This mod currently does not include extra images yet but makes major changes to the storyline. This mod is intended to adapt as the game is developed so the mod will change with each iteration of the game. However due to how the mod works a new game must be started each update as to view all of the content. This means that you cannot use current version saves with this mod or it might cause bugs.

Saddog has a habit of adding new stuff into old content.

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So if you use an old modded save not every interaction will work correctly. Its a pain in the ass I know. Not really much I can do about it. In my mod I try and expand upon all of the character and flesh them out a bit. I want to have the player make major decisions that might affect the rest of the game more than fuck girl or dont fuck girl.

The tyrant walkthrough?

Warning: 75 percent of the content is NTR and incest based. Vanilla has a little syntax fixes and slight changes in story. Installing this will result in a game failure due to excessive bugs. Though I have quit work on the Tyrant, I am creating my own game called You must be registered to see the links. Spoiler: How to Install You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Spoiler: Changelog You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Spoiler: Mini-Walkthrough V0. May 16, 5, 17, Reactions: kanon Apr 28, King Monkey Mon said:. Reactions: King Monkey Mon.

Former Staff.

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Aug 16, 2, 15, Title fixed. TheMagister Well-Known Member.

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Aug 5, 1, 1, So for right now there's not a lot to the mod right? It just changes little bits of dialogue? UniPorn Newbie. May 13, 36 Aug 6, 7, 37, Not a bad idea to ask for fan art. Reactions: paragon. TheMagister said:. Croquette said:.

May 21, 4, Heartlessnobody95 said:. Thanks wep. I was in a little bit of a hurry.

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Right now there is only dialogue changes as well as value changes. No new added images but I tend to use them differently in the mod.

Yeah I would totally be up for including fan art in the mod if someone decides to take the onus upon themselves and do it. Warning: 99 percent of the content is NTR and incest based. Vanilla has a little syntax fixes but not much. Keep in mind I cant render for shit so I am using any images I can get that fit he game. TLDR at bottom. In my mind. I like the idea that he is the step-dad more so the mc is not actually his son and can hate him more. It also explains why he is more willing to give up how family to the gang. Bruce isn't a bad man he is just a weak man that is trying to do a job he really isn't capable the tyrant f95zone.

He wants to do right but is scared of what the gang can do to him and is family so he is willing to sacrifice his wife hoping that they will leave everybody else alone. Your real father is gone? Maybe maybe not. Really Idk cause doesnt say much about him. Mom has little secret and this might be an explanation for her actions.

Denise is a brat that Bruce cant control. She is the only person truly happy with the lifestyle because she can now show off her body without mother being able to scold her too much. Her camwhore business is going well and she enjoys the attention the gang members give her. Alice is Alice.

She is a little kid who is just getting interested in sex and so is very impressionable. Davide and other antagonists aren't so much evil people as they are assholes. Davide is the head of the gang in this territory so he usually gets his pick of women. It just so turns out that Bruce has a hot wife and is in his gang so Davide has fun with her. But in my mod Davide is only small time 3 people in a gang that the cops sent a guy to infiltrate.

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Yeah too small. I created another higher gang member who has control of davide. But his boss also might be interested in the mom.

So davide doesnt really want to lose the mom so hes trying his best to hide her from him. This makes Davide less than the generic NTR bad guy and more of an actual character.

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Sure you still want him gone but now you can also see that your actions have consequences and maybe getting rid of Davide is not the best option. Bullet points: Step-dad is not a bad guy. Hes just a weak cop who got in way to over his head with this undercover operation.

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Mom loves Bruce a lot she has to to agree to go undercover with him and live in a shitty house with a shitty life. Mother says she is sacrificing for the family but it seems that she might be enjoying this situation a little bit too much as well. Denise is unruly and happy with her lifestyle. She has an idea what is going on but doesn't truly understand what Mom is doing. She feels mom is enjoying the attention of the gang even though Mom says she doesn't.

Alice is completely oblivious to what is going on in the family. She is pure now but also slowly getting corrupted by her surroundings. Better catch her quick before she falls under someone else's control.