The Secrets of Successful Autumn Table Decoration

    Autumn Table Decoration | Autumn Party at Home

    In today’s post, I present you two completely different proposals for the table setting. All the stylistics are maintained in the autumn climate. It’s something perfect for an autumn party — birthday, name day or even a fairly ordinary evening at the table with your loved ones.

    Autumn Table — Warm Colors and Natural Elements

    Everything is kept in the yellow-orange-red color that most associates with the autumn.

    Autumn Table in Elegant Edition — Violet and Silver

    The Secrets of Successful Autumn Table Decoration 001

    What for all these different stylizations is common? Just like in fashion — it’s a good idea to have some basics such as black tubing, white t-shirt, shirt, and jacket, so in the kitchen and dining room — you should have a classic, minimalist tableware set. Colorful plates, or patterns that we are flooded in stores, will be much more difficult to match the different styles.

    How to Decorate an Autumn Table at a Party?

    First of all: Fix the subject of the whole event, a theme. This is me in autumn, but not in such a traditional but more elegant edition.

    Second: Decide on specific colors. I chose violet and silver. It is better not to exaggerate too much color on one table and stick to the chosen key. Contrast colors need to be combined, so do not risk if you do not have experience.

    Third: Use a neutral base. You do not have to have at home a few or a dozen sets for every occasion — better to choose one classic, good quality base (I mean plates, cutlery, glasses, dishes, tablecloths) and complement it with colored accessories: napkins, candles, Washers, etc.

    The Secrets of Successful Autumn Table Decoration 002

    Fourth: Use what you already have. Candlesticks from the bedroom, flower from the window sill postponed to a pretty pot. The fantastic effect will always make cut flowers. For that, you add seasonal items — from the kitchen cabinet, or straight from the vegetable garden 🙂 I strongly encourage any DIY projects not to buy unnecessarily decoration for just one occasion.

    In autumn, we can use leaves, branches, chestnuts, pumpkins and Heather
    In winter, in Christmas table setting, we can use Christmas tree twigs, Christmas tree chains, baubles, or lights.
    In the spring we collect a bouquet of fresh flowers (divine without!), in summer we add seasonal fruit. Ideas are plentiful and will gladly take them one day in the future I will present you on the blog 🙂

    Fifth: decorate in moderation. Do not plaster the entire surface of the table with decorations, because they are not the most important. The biggest thing is to gather on one side of the table rather than the middle.

    The Secrets of Successful Autumn Table Decoration 003

    There must be enough free space on the table to sit comfortably with us, have enough food and nothing to obscure our view.

    That’s why my pumpkins, high candle holder, water jug and juice decanter stand on the left side of the table.

    In this style, I used the same linen, classic tablecloth, and the same utensils and cutlery. On the table was also appeared rusting rusty pads, the color of the napkins changed. Leaves, orange flowers, decorative pumpkins, and fruits have been replaced by my beloved heaths.

    I repainted orange pumpkins with silver paint spray. In this edition, they look very elegant and perfectly match the other silver elements I choose: candlesticks, napkin rings.

    The Secrets of Successful Autumn Table Decoration 004

    I strongly encourage you to serve water at parties, instead of ready-made juices and sugar-filled soda drinks. A delicious water-based drink can be prepared by adding a little homemade fruit juice, such as raspberries or currants. By the way — such a handy jug on the table is much more attractive than plastic bottles and is a cost-effective and ecologically sound solution.

    The filtered water has an excellent taste and is also well suited for preparing hot beverages as well as cooking — due to its neutral taste. With daily use of filtered water in the kettle for cooking, or coffee machine does not deposit a stone, so I am very careful.

    Such creative decorating the table is a pleasure for me and I cannot wait to celebrate again 🙂

    How do you like my autumn table cover in an elegant edition.

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