The Most Trend Colors of 2018 and Real Applied Samples

    The Most Trend Colors of 2018 and Real Applied Samples

    As in fashion, in the interior every year there is something that is a trend and something that is not real, whether it’s color or pieces of furniture. Of course, if you last year turned into a pastel green, which is not very high among the enthusiasts of interior design, this certainly does not mean that you will immediately overcome everything and change it, it is neither practical nor economical, but if you are in the moment you want a change, or it’s time for this, then it’s good to be trend-oriented.

    And while in 2017 it was predominantly turned by tropical green, warm neutral colors and sophisticated camel shades, which is not so unexpected since we all know where the impulse comes from, that is from the Pantone color of the year which was just bright green for 2017, and called On the lightening and turning-off this year, the color palette is slightly different, unexpected and challenging. If we take into account that the color of the year is Ultraviolet, then it is quite logical to expect some unusual elements, as well as nuances, like a fiery red, metallic and of course quite violet.

    This year’s interior mood board is a little more turned to the exploration of the unknown, the combination of the unexpected, and so are the colors that floated into the interior, from the very opposite side of the spectrum and the atmosphere of last year, which gives the necessary variety and sufficient reason why we so much enjoy interior decoration.

    Earth Tones

    We start from something most similar to last year’s palette, and it’s still not forgotten, on the contrary. Full, rich tones of earth, clay, ceramics look at the same time both natural and so elegant. Unobtrusive, but so sophisticated, give each room a necessary relaxing, natural atmosphere. With plenty of natural light, it’s best to pair them with yellow, red or green details, which further open the space.

    Caviar Black

    Caviar is a famous black hue that borders with carbon black, that is, totally black. This is a real black, no blue or purple shades. It has depth, strength, and almost seems to have a tangible texture. The intense and neutral base does not work either too hot or too cold and it always looks great when it is contrasted with any shade of white or creamy beige.

    Intensely Turquoise

    We did not expect this. To be understood for a long time, this kind of intensity has not appeared among the popular nineties. Turquoise has occupied the site for a long time as one of five favorite design colors, but not this shade. Everything that leans towards marine blue, dark turquoise, or forest green to it, but this illuminated color is a real surprise. This vibrant shade is a very bold statement in every room. If you want to try it out with a single wall in this shade, or first add it to the details, and then when you get used it can also be crossed.

    Minimalist Pastel

    Here are the nuances we just adore! Whether it’s the famous Anderson movies, or that these colors are so trendy in Instagram that they have dominated the Internet, or what they always remind of some of the most beautiful pastry shops, but the fact is that few react to these shades. And they go perfectly with everything. If you paste pastel roses with intense red, it fits equally well as with black and white. Queen of the pallet, it would be said. Black and white interiors had their moment, and in 2018, it is time to relay the relay to a new minimalist pallet. Soft, gentle, scrubbed colors like mint green or sandy roses fully maintain the spirit of minimalism, but it refines it and entices it with the necessary softness and they work together in order to create harmony.

    All Shades of Pink

    The color of the colors is definitely not what it used to be … and that’s good news! Little by little he loses his birth connotation and becomes a color for everything in both gender and use. Rose has so many emotions, from happiness to jealousy, that everyone can connect with it, which makes it perfect for stimulating emotions. Pantone predicts that in 2018 this color will change completely in all its nuances, and will mature in a stronger and more complex version of itself, as it has progressed more than ever before.

    Neutral Metallic

    According to Pantone estimates, metallic colors are no longer any extravagance and a shocking choice of color. In fact, they are part of a new neutral palette in 2018. Whether you choose to cover the room’s ceiling with golden or golden papers, or you decide to introduce a metallic subtle and add a pair of accessories through space, the fact is that gold is a new white marble, which is necessary for those who like to play with partial boundaries.


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