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The heiress game patch

Alice, daughter of the noble Dietrich, her life of aristocracy comes to an end after her father died for some reason.

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Hey guys I dont know if this thread is dead but im stuck on the third step where it fails to detect my game. Bueno Active Member.

Apr 26, The translation on this one is really grating. At least I'm choosing to believe the poor story is due to the bad translation and not poor original writing. Reactions: ponyguy. Apr 21, A guy on the Steam Community board who seems to be the author of the patch has released a second version, to correspond with an update to the base game.

The new patch fixed it for me but make sure to run it in admin mode. Last edited: Aug 15, FinalCloud New Member.

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Aug 15, 1 0. How did I not know of this lol. Jul 23, Alex Mason said:. Dec 6, 77 I just found a torrent over at nyaa under the title "Botsuraku Reijyo" and it is 3. I read the thread and saw that many people are complaining how losing battle doesn't ensue rape.

I'm guessing that the Steam version cut all of those scenes. I dunno about everyone else, but a difference of over 1GB needs further investigation.

If the non-Steam version is already uncensored well, except those mosaicsperhaps also English translated no matter how weak and also has normal post-battle rapes I'm hoping that poster of this thread will soon switch to non-Steam version.

Have a good one everyone! May 5, Evident Disaster Newbie. Jul 19, 68 I've got the game and I'm attempting to manually fix it, I have all the original images and non censored stuff, I think I can patch the game myself, but there's like pictures to change and a lot of things I need to edit out.

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Also I can't replace the pictures of the faces, which isn't the worst part, they're censored but not horribly so. So I'll have to see how things turn out. Michael Newbie. Aug 6, 34 LordLegion Newbie. Jun 18, 36 8. The game is great, but the game is give me this error, and i cant change the lenguage to CHS. Reactions: RazhieX.

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Sep 14, 1, 15, LordLegion said:. View attachment Ragnar Super User Respected User. Aug 5, 2, 6, Downloaded and patched, my Karpesky antivirus gave me a positive, Pdm trojan win 32 generic. Jul 6, 26 Has anyone were able to figure out how to reach a Lvl. Like, how much points it would need to get to level 3 or is there any hidden quest or some mission to trigger it? I'm grinding to earn some quick cash next to an inn and I'm still stuck at Lvl.

Silver1 Active Member. Feb 7, So far its been a great game, good story too, i even feel bad in corrupt the protagonist, she is such a gunslinger bad ass. Oct 13, 2, 4, May 10, Another Oneone1 game coming out in a few days on steam any1 wanna bet that it will be as broken as this one. Apr 30, 19 Jun 1, The latest patch for Steam fixes at least some of the no graphic crash error that you had to do the language switching fix to work around.

Replace the file in the Arc directory. Reactions: ponyguy and baka.

Alexander Krisnov said:. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.