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The elementalists choices

This contains the choices in The Elementalists, Book 1 and their outcomes. This game revolves heavily around choices you make.

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It's been a while since I found a book so much fun!

I love the concept of spells and how you have to do them properly to cast again. The characters seem to have better depth and man do I love the art and music in this game!!! Why hadn't I started this before lol? What are your guys's thoughts on TE? I also just recently played it for the first time, and absolutely loved it! The characters, the story, everything seems so well-written and interesting. Book two isnt bad it's just that they've got a character driven story and a plot driven story that both work individually but not together as allocating screen time to both sides messes with the flow and reduces the book to having no certain direction.

Aww well good thing I'm still a ways away from moving to book 2 lol! But no in all seriousness, I loveeee book 1, and can't wait to continue it and see where it takes me! I love it. I started the series a month or two ago and was surprised at how quickly I fell in love with it and Beckett, my fave.

I binged it and caught up to real time in TE2 during its hiatus. Not annoyed because all the LIs deserve screen time, but definitely the elementalists choices interested. I liked getting through those to move on to the meatier chapters or just the ones with more time with my LI. That kind of goes away in book 2 as does Thief. I definitely liked book 1 better.

It's my favorite. Since I'm water-attuned, my MC is usually calm and collected. Oh so everyone is Sun-attuned but their secondary element is different!

The elementalists: book 2

Dang I love how in depth PB goes sometimes and makes different dialogues for different scenarios! I love the elementalists very much, to the point that it is my favorite book in choices.

It helps that I like fantasy and magical stories. Beckett Harrington is a big bonus for me and I love his interactions with MC. Unlike most people, I'm enjoying the second book even more than the first, although I agree with their critics. The biggest problem about book two seems to be the slow pace in which the main plot goes. I feel like this happens because the second book has many subplots that take screentime.

The elementalists: book 2

The friends all need help with some specific problem. Each of these problems is a subplot to be solved and they drive the story away from the main conflict envolving the MC, making the main plot go too slowly. I agree that it is a problem, but, on the other hand, the second book is better in some aspects in my opinion.

The conflict itself, for example. I think the conflict in book two is more interesting, especially because we don't even know exactly who is the big bad there is a dicussion about that.

Also, we learned more about the MC and Atlas and their parents and I found that all very intringuing. There are also morality choices and we get to think wich of them is really the way we want to go.

Even the subplots envolving each friend But, of course, people are not going to care about all the friends, so, naturally, they get bored when there is a chapter centered on helping someone they don't care much about, aside from the fact the helping them takes time that could be used to advance towards the soluton of the main conflict.

I absolutely loved book 1 haven't started book 2 yet!

It's my favorite fantasy story along with Nightbound. Beckett is a cutie, Atlas is so cool and the entire storyline and the universe is just all put together brilliantly! I loved the first book, and am actually enjoying the second book even more. He seems like Sorry there's no nice way to put it. Hopefully he warms up to MC soon cause like Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:. Shreya scene is always hot, and she is being a dom in bed was my weakness.

But yeah, i remember some scene where she ride my female mc, i lose focus cause its just Just started The Elementalists The Elementalists. Posted by. Sort by: best.

Continue this thread. PB Pixelberry Studios, publisher of Choices TE The Elementalists 4 acronyms in this thread; the most compressed thread commented on today has 10 acronyms. Shreya scene is always hot, and she is being a dom in bed was my weakness But yeah, i remember some scene where she ride my female mc, i lose focus cause its just More posts from the Choices community. Discuss your favorite books, characters, theories, and more here! Created Nov 21, Top posts june 22nd Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top.

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