The Biggest Interior Design Trends for 2017

    A lot is already happening in 2017 and they are happening pretty fast. If you don’t hang on, you get left behind, then you start feeling old. Not a very good feeling, right?

    And these changes are everywhere, happening almost every day for us to feel, see and hear. These changes are present in interior designs, where new styles are fast becoming trends, and trends that dominated last year are fast paling into insignificance.

    As you may have noticed, people are becoming more daring and creative with their home interiors. Yep! Interior décor bluffs now adopt bold colours and heavy patterns to beautify their homes. What? You thought the interior decoration from 2016 ideas is still trendy?

    Interior Design Trends for 2017

    2017 design trends feature endearing decorative items and prints. If interior design is your interest and you wish to catch up with interior design trends for 2017, read on. I have compiled the biggest interior design trends for 2017 and tips for a good interior design for your benefits.


    Colours in 2017 Interior Design Trends

    Colours play no small role in interior designs. If you want your space or room to have an extra effect that pleases the eye and the soul, you must try some exciting colours.

    Getting out of your way to apply the right colours will uplift your spirits. But if you fail to do so, the colours on your wall could be a reason why you hate returning home after a night-out with friends or colleagues.

    In 2017, specific colours dominate. Interior and fashion designers are using them heavily; everybody is, including your neighbours and friends. Heck! These colours are all around you, except that you may not be paying attention them to already.


    Interior design trends for 2017 consist of lovely colours that you should bring to your home if you want to it to be trendy.

    10 Trend Colors for Furniture & Places that Left a Mark on 2017

    • Fantastic Bright Green in Interior Design

    Yes, you guessed right. Bright Green is a big thing this year. Green that symbolises nature is in great demand among fashion conscious people. Experts relates bright green, that is used in interior decoration for walls and flooring, with words like refreshment and renewal. Apart from being a fad, this colour is nice for the home where an aura of relaxation and refreshment is craved. You must try out this colour. Apply it to your home, try a light shade of green on the walls for some interesting results.

    You can delve a little deeper by acquiring some bright green elements such as throw pillows or rugs to complement the bright green on the wall. You can also bring some fresh green plant into the mix to transform your home into a haven.

    A pillow sample from Joanna Gaines’ New Collection


    • Simple, Muted Colours in Interior Design As bright colours become rampant in interior design, quiet colours have also become common. White, camel and beiges are bold colours that make up 2017 design trends.

    While you have an option of using something bright for a trendy interior décor, muted colours are also very trendy. You can them plainly or combine them with bright colours for an amazing effect.

    You may consider adopt interior designs consisting dark tones for you home or space because they make your home look cool and ideal for relaxation. It is recommended for you to adopt luxurious textiles, metals and decorative items to make your home took more modern. You too can put a blend of muted colours in your home. Try adopting a touch of bold colours in your home or apply them as the major colours. They are major elements of simplistic designs.

    • Fancy Grey Trends in Interior Design Grey has astonishingly lasted from 2016 and have even become more relevant this year. How often do you notice grey around you? It must be often because it is designers’ favourite. Several shades of grey appear in homes this year. A secret about grey that you should know is that it matches whatever colour you wish to pair it with.

    Popular Interior Paint Colors 2017

    For some ‘grey effects’ in your home, put a touch of grey in your interior décor that is dominated by red, green, yellow or other catchy colours and you will achieve a trendy and classy interior décor.


    Patterns in 2017 Design Trends

    You can make your home more appealing by applying some fantastic patterns. Patterns are popular medium for expressing creativity and style. Interior design trends usually feature patterns. Some of them last long for a long time while others phase in a shorter period of time.

    Interior design trends for 2017 include beautiful patterns that have added glamour to homes. Some of this patterns that constitute 2017 design trends were a major influence on 2016 interior decors while others are freshly revealed this year.


    • Playful Water Colours

    Interiors in 2017 will be a blend of engaging patterns. Water colours are used in the best ways, appearing on different items such as tea towels and carpets. You can find water colour patterns on bed sheets, throw pillows and cushions and they give the home a romantic appearance. Why not use some of these too in your home? If you want a trendy interior design for 2017, consider adopting some water colour pattern.

    • Creative Textile Pattern

    Rich textiles are trending in 2017. They are clearly adopted from design ideas from the previous years. Textiles can help your space appear impressive and vintage.

    • Colourful Geometric Pattern

    Surprisingly, geometric items are key to the 2017 interior design trend. Wall coverings inculcating geometric patterns beautify homes and are used a lot this year. Geometric patterns take inspiration from African and Indian heritage to give homes some face-lift.

    • Awesome Tile Pattern

    What your tile patterns will do to your home will amaze you. Patterned tiles create excitement and surprises. Patterned tiles are heavily used this year, just as much as they have been used in previous years. Floorings, walls and other parts of numerous homes have tile patterns that are used in various creative ways. Some of them are scattered, like dismantled jigsaws or puzzles, while others an entity.

    • Artistic Butterfly Pattern

    What about butterfly motifs? Butterfly patterns are a major influence on home designs in 2017. Butterfly patterns have sprung out of kiddies’ rooms, where they were relegated to in the past. These patterns are fast becoming a major ingredient for interior décor in other areas of the home. Butterfly patterns create some unexplainable positive vibes wherever they are featured but demand some creativity in order not to appear rough.

    • Mixed Pattern

    More so, mixed patterns are featured in many beautify interior designs in 2017. They were first adopted last year but have managed to endure till this year and people who are interested in interior decoration do not seem to have gotten tired of this interior décor style.

    Materials Usage Trends in Interior Design

    2017 is a year to show of different collections interior design materials. Some materials are natural while others are synthetic, however, design trends in 2017 generally feature artistic and amazing materials.


    • Natural Plants

    Plants have gradually become an important item for interior design. You want some fresh breath in your home? Bring in fresh lovely plants. Plants are a major source of inspiration to interior decorators in choosing colours for interior designs. Plants can complement the bright green concept of interior decoration, making the home cool and beautiful.


    • Woods Usage in Interior Design

    Woods are also extensively used for interior decoration this year. Several woods works are major item in the mix of amazing interior décor. They are used side by side with plexiglass and marble.


    • Brick Works Decor in 2017

    Several natural items are also trendy this year. Clay, cork and cements are widely embraced as they make up incredible brickworks that give the home the cherished aesthetics. You can amaze your friends and visitors when they come visiting by employing these items for a change of look in your interiors.


    • Other Materials in Interior Design

    Apart from plants, brick works and woods, marble wall clocks, toilet paper shelves, and huge storage jars are worthy of mention as part of elements of the biggest interior designs in 2017.


    Final Thoughts about 2017 Interior Design Trends

    Interior design trends for 2017 can be an inspiration for you to upgrade your interiors this year. You may adopt colours, patterns and materials just as you wish, however, there are few tips for a good interior design that you should have at the back of your mind.

    Do not attempt to blindly imitate interior design trends, especially from hotels or other similar places. Settle for an interior décor that you feel comfortable with and can maintain for a long duration.

    While you should look at interior design trends for inspiration on what to use for your home, do not go for items that drill a deep hole in your wallet. Focus on your budget and be keen on an interior design concept that appeals to you the most instead of allowing yourself to become carried away by various catchy decorative items.

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