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Team titans tower

Titans Tower is the headquarters and home of the Teen Titans. It is located on a small island near the mainland of Jump City. This is where the Titans standby for missions and to relax when there is little to no criminal activity.

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It is located on an island in the Jump City bay.

Tower lockdown

Each Titan has his or her own room. Its Main Ops room also serves triple-duty as a living room and kitchen.

It also has training facilities both inside and outside, as well as a gym, for the Titans to stay in shape. A similar version is built for the Titans Eastbut it has been built on the side of a cliff, not on an island, near the coast of Steel City.

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Titans Tower in the episode " How Long is Forever? The Tower now has no power, damaged windows and cracks and covered in ice and snow.

The only person to inhabit the tower was Cyborg. Teen Titans Wiki Explore.

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History Talk 0. The tower as seen in New Teen Titans. The tower transformed by Mother Mae-Eye into a candy land.

The Tower under repair after " X ". Locations. Fan Feed 0 Raven 1 Starfire 2 Robin. Universal Conquest Wiki. Dark Way Prep H. Academy Junior H.