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Install the app. Thread starter irredeemable Start date May 22, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. May 17, 26 2 Tried to post this in the Showcase thread but it looks like I triggered a spam filter, so I'll briefly mention it here. Sorry if this breaks any rules. I just put out the first public release of my game, Teacher's Pets. You play as a high school teacher and you'll interact with your students as well as your wife and daughter. Gameplay is sort of open-ended and event-based.

You can find the full details and screenshots on my Patreon. This first version has a lot of characters to introduce so it's a little light on character development but I think you can get an idea of the tone I'm going for.

Teachers pets game patreon

I'll also mention it's very generous in terms of actual lewd content with three animated sex scenes. Last edited: Aug 13, Apr 6, I'd make a joke about how the option for monogamy is so depraved nowadays but I believe that joke has been played out a bit. Although, I think there should totally be a scene somewhere down the line which is just a shot of your wife smiling then a slow zoom on the PC and wife holding hands. But in all seriousness, it's clear that you either put a fair amount of effort into this or simply have a certain amount of talent. The writing so far isn't half-bad and some of the jokes are even funny.

The menus and everything have a nice unique motif to'em as well.

The exchange with the shady gentleman is worth a sensible chuckle. The models are unique but could still use a bit of work in my opinion. The animated scenes are a nice touch as well, although I only ever got two of them, the dream sequences.

Although I saw a gif of the third on 4chan I believe. It seems the current build is bugged and after the first time you use the pill on your wife and she still denies you, you never get a chance to try again because the option doesn't reappear even after purchasing another pill. Will there be a way to get with each character without drugging them?

I say this all the time, but your game has potential and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Reactions: irredeemable. Thanks for the feedback.

Someone else had mentioned that bug but I haven't been able to replicate it myself. I'll take another look at it. If anyone having the issue could send me their save game I would greatly appreciate it.

I am shooting for a non-drug route with all of the characters, although I've dug myself a hole with the daughter. I do want all of characters to react to the main character somewhat realistically even as situations become absurd or the MC behaves awfully. I have a few ideas in mind. Marblak Well-Known Member.

Jan 14, 96 Ok, so I have a minor complaint. Upon starting the game, a drum solo comes blaring out of my speakers at a mighty decibel. Might want to do something about that. Marblak said:. Click to expand Sep 3, 21 28 You don't need to know! Ok tried the game so gonna give a bit of feedback.

First of all I think that quite a few players would love if you could divorce your wife, just saying. That marriage seems like it's at the end just seeing the attitude she has, If I had that situation I would first contact a good lawyer. Second I would like to ask if it's possible for the hearts to choose if you want them visible or not, in fact it would be quite great if even a positive choice has consequences, for example when you talk to the teacher you can talk about the cheerleader as she is kind of a problem student, however doing so should impact and make you lose a heart with the cheerleader for example.

Teachers pets game patreon.

The following is more in the line of questions more than feedback: Third it's about the stats, you said the following in the patreon "Stats include "affection" and "corruption" scores for teachers pets patreon girls as well as a "depravity" score for the player", I would like to ask how much of an impact will have the corruption, for example, is it possible to corrupt your daughter but don't have any affection? Fourth is a bit of the fetishes, it would be kind of nice if those were quite bilateral, meaning that girls can blackmail you or be voyeur on you.

Showing the last part I would like to give an example: If you imagine the situation of the teachers pets patreon, let's say that she has high affection and high corruption, in this situation she loves you and she can be quite open about it because of the high corruption, so because of this she could seduce you openly, even tease you or perhaps if all the other things fail, blackmail you if she can to have her way with you. Another would be if for example your wife has high corruption but low affection she will have no problem having sex with other people.

Or an student with high affection and low corruption just try to be with you and find motives to be with you. Most games are quite bad on the interactions part, and even worse on the consequences, so I would recommend giving it a bit of depth.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll just respond point by point: 1. The wife may have a tiny bit of an attitude, hey, given how I expect most players to behave maybe she has her reasons. I was actually considering moving the mind control intro back a few days just to force the player into getting a little more henpecked before you get the chance to MC her. But, yeh, there will be multiple ways to deal with her. Yes I could put something in to turn off the hearts.

Not that depravity is always a goal--right now it is sort of unambiguously teachers pets patreon but in the future there will be reasons to keep it in check. Certain events and interactions are going to be gated by those stat values. I haven't worked out any exact s yet but yes, there will definitely be scenarios where you need X affection and Y corruption for an event, for example.

I have plans for corruption leading to more public sluttiness but it's something you have to be careful with as it really turns a lot of people off, so it definitely be avoidable. I hadn't thought of it in those terms but yeh I have some ideas for consequences and negative events.

Again it's something I think you have to be careful with as it's easy to alienate players with that sort of thing. I've just found the bug that was preventing a second MC pill from being used on the wife. Sex scene should be available now. Sorry for the unintentional blue balling.

Windows version 1.

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Your current save game should work but you will need to buy a new pill. Last edited: May 23, For the non-drug daughter relationship, you could have her reveal a sort of subtle attraction that she already had for her father that he makes more and more difficult for her to hide as her affection grows. Or bad end if terrible relationship. Relationship would be different depending whether it's based on corruption, depravity, affection, etc or however you intend for that too work.

If you instead base your approach on your own depravity then it'd probably be a bit more predatory in approach.