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Taffy tales ruler location

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Taffy walkthrough

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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. SuddenReal Active Member. Jun 21, 1, DawnCry said:. Personally I think there is an easy way to give people what they want in the best way related to NTR.

Steps: 1. Create a stat called Darnel's influence 2. Add an initial option in the game to disable NTR this would lock Darnel's influence to 0 3.

Have freedom to use it well, during a route Darnel would try to increase his influence over a girl or other conditions rather than the route, it could start the possibility of NTR after x days pass on the game which would make more sense. In a game in which NTR is on, just give a way to "win" the girl.

In fact this could be made for any fetish that may "offend" people, disabling from the start. Reactions: RedPillBlues. Jun 5, 4, 8, I have planned somewhat of a schedule for when NTR will be focused on, and it'll also be done in a way that'll satisfy people who are Non-NTR, though I cannot reveal more than that due to spoilers.

Reactions: lostraven. DawnCry Active Member. Nov 25, 1, SuddenReal said:. This worked in Big Brother because it was a semi- sandbox game, but this is a story driven game that doesn't work with influence or stats, but checkpoints. Ejhay Member. Jan 1, Now they are the same.

Na it can work in this game too, just let it grow with time. This game has a time system too. Reactions: Moisan4. Ragingrager Member.

Taffy tales c

Jan 27, ErrorTerror New Member. Oct 4, 6 2. SouthernViking said:. Frank01 Active Member. Feb 3, New teaser image for the next patch. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Taffy tales where to find ruler

Game Developer. Apr 27, 1, 8, As the teaser has already been posted here is Uberpie's statement attached: Hello, everyone. Here is the new teaser for upcoming update of Taffy Tales. The next update will be concentrated on the richest family in Taffy Town. Yeah, I mean Gerda, Priscilla and Harry.

I know that you want to see the scenes with Mary and Tiffany as soon as possible, but their routes develop with the other characters. Me and lostraven are working hard to push storylines of Mary and Tiffany as soon as possible. So if the next updates will mostly concentrate on the another characters, it is part of our plan. Please, don't worry it's only a matter of time. I'll share the new teasers, arts and news regularly. So stay tuned! Back to work!

Reactions: TheGreatSyxxobiwangeemergary and 5 others. Frank01 said:. View attachment NoBad Newbie. Apr 13, 32 Anyone know where I can find the ruler? It's not in the shop.

Porn game: taffy tales version b win/mac/android/linux+gallery unlock+walkthrough by uberpie

Lilde3on Newbie. Jan 11, 19 1. LordTuskar Newbie. Apr 26, 97 NoBad said:. Jan 22, 10 3. So, does this game have a Lewdpatcher version, or a code you have to enter to make Mary and Tiffany stop being your landlady and childhood friend?

Taffy tales (version a)

Or is that just completely baked in, nothing can be done? Reactions: kiro. Dec 26, 87 Reactions: obiwan. Reactions: TheGreatSyxxobiwanPantisocrat and 5 others. Bonhart Active Member. Dec 30, Sorry my english.

Taffy tales walkthrough & guide

Oct 21, Can you guys sent me cuck route walkthrough. LarryLo Active Member. Jun 18, Dec 17, 61 Blarfz said:. It's like 2 houses down in a bush. Show hidden low quality content.

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