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Strip dice games

Although anything is possible throughout this stripping game, the chance of more intense sex play increases as the game progresses to a climax. In the regular game you won if lady luck liked you. In our erotic version there is more strategy involved with an incentive to strip as a way to win.

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Looking for something to do with your Pair of Dice? Find some other Glitches and play an easy game called PIG! The cool thing about the dice is that you can see what other people roll.

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There are many variations of the game PIG but the way we played was as follows: First player to points wins Players take turns rolling a pair of dice as many times as they want per round. Example play: Alph starts.

Can stay at 7 or keep going. Can stay at 13 or keep going.

Strip-dice hot

That 1 means Alph's turn is over and he gets 0 for the round. Pot goes next.

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Has to go to Wardrobe and take something off. Can stay at 12 or keep going.

Decides to stay at Tii goes last. Can stay at 25 or keep going.

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That 1 means Tii's turn is over and he gets 0 for the round. Start Round 2 and add points from there.

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First player to wins. If you roll a 1 you only lose the points from That round, you don't lose the points earned from the rounds.

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Reach out to Griffypants or Fin or Piratice or Alkaline or Fokian Fool if you want to strike up a game with someone who has played before. The lag was really bad out on an open street so we ended up playing at Fokian Fool's house. If this game catches on maybe we could set up some semi-regular back-room gambling halls. Encyclopedia Snaps Players Forum Downlo. Home » Forums » General.

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Posted 10 years ago by Griffypants Permalink. Replies I'm willing to play anytime.

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Just shoot me a pm. Posted 10 years ago by alkaline Permalink. Posted 10 years ago by Fokian Fool Permalink. Posted 10 years ago by FlirtyvonSexenhaven Permalink.

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Posted 10 years ago by SavannaBlueRose Permalink. Posted 10 years ago by GG Allin Permalink.

Posted 10 years ago by Artilect Permalink. Posted 10 years ago by acreditando Permalink. Posted 10 years ago by Mortal Permalink. Posted 10 years ago by Violet Permalink. Posted 10 years ago by amprr Permalink. Work on a team?

Dice strip

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