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Stranded with her

After an accident, a guy and a hot girl got stranded on a dessert island.

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Ple ase note: This is an early alpha, the game is not yet complete. Wanna add this game to your website? Mobile support is currently beta and issues can potentially appear. The only supported browser for mobile is Chrome. This options is also available on iOS under the share icon.

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Important: do NOT minimize the game while playing on mobile, as your system may kill it and you will lose your progress. Make sure to save before you leave the game. Any bugs or issues?

Please us at [ protected] or get in touch by ing our Discord channel. Note that you might see a black window for a while until the game lo.

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Consider closing your other browser tabs before playing. Again, disable your ad-blocker! If you like this, please support stranded with her development of our projects by going to our Patreon and supporting us, while getting the chapters before anybody else and other Patreon exclusives!

Play Here! I know this is an alpha build so things will definitely be different down the road. However, the last convo with her day 4 where each reaction is timed seems to be bugged. If you have a save even from a day and progress back to that point if you failed and lost the magic and want to retry a lot of times it just fails you, not even a convo option. Reload, go back to the main menu and reload, doesn't change anything.

All you can do is restart the entire game and skip forward. May be a known issue, but thats the most noticeable up to this point. Like the game as its progressing though, keep up the good work! Is there a walkthrough for the last day convo? Please make one for poor idiots like me :P. As always you guys are quick on the draw. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put into these Palmer.

Was this a 1 part story? And yes, when the game does come out, please make it a downloadable version! Great story. Would love to see it continue. Not bad. Fairly different from the original. I like the updated graphics, but I the story still needs work. Will the multiple endings be a thing again?

Stranded with her

Naw, I just went and played the other one to make sure I wasn't nuts. They are practically the same but for the updated graphics and some minor story points. I had assumed that you guys made that other one, and were updating. Am I wrong? Would like to ask permission to make a gameplay guide or walkthrough on you tube also to promote this game.

Hey DxD, no worries at all.

tight whore Zola

I look forward to seeing your video, please link our Patreon and Blog in the description! Lol, weird how my comment about "Crusoe had it easy" was quickly deleted You can delete this one too but now that you got my curiosity picked, if you don't make a statement about it I'll make sure everyone knows how your game and this one are extremely similar.

The problem with your comment was discussing a certain thing that happens in that game, that we cannot allow to be discussed on our website. Will the game be available to download for Macs in the future? Great framework!

cutie bitch Royal

Only glitchy item I noted was if I chose not to rub one out there's still a mention later of how even with doing that I'm still raring to go for more. Looking forward to seeing the mini-games and whatever additional options you provide for fleshing out the story even more. This is in damn good shape for a pre-alpha game. Looking ahead what, you're surprised we want more? I could easily see a path for a sequel or two.

Stranded with her (pre alpha) released for free!

Another couple with a baby or pregnant? Gives options for swinger or harem progression in a newly expanded sexual paradise. It even opens up a possibility for a third installment down the road with the kids as they grow up. They could have the psuedo-sibling wrongness desire angle or the kids and adults could hook up or stranded with her that too much DFD retread?

You could throw in some jealousy or prudish behavior for hurdles. A lot of room for future taboo adventures!! Hey, thanks for developing the game. It doesn't matter what combinations I choose, the game always fails me. Is that the only outcome? Believe me, I have tried everything but cannot get through. The lady gets upset and it shows we screwed up Please do reply. Also if there is a walk-through video, do it.

Hey there is a way. You just gotta know the correct combinations I can't tell you. If you tried everything, then you must retry the whole game and this time, get the girl's trust with your answers from day I tell you the ending is great. No updates right now, as we're working hard on DH and other projects. Hopefully one day! If you're still searching for a solutionto the last dialogue, I have some answers that should help you get that ending kinda, cannot remember the exact words and questions : 1 At least we're safe; 2 The one with "Together"; I forgot the reply; 4 Say that you're happy to be with her; 5 "Would you really be okay with that"; 6 The one with "Forget it".

passion sister Jaylee

Hope this helps. Holy shit, thought games like this were only heard of in animes and didn't exist, searched for a while and only got nutaku card games and such Loved it.

Stranded with her bullies

Hey loved the game but just wondering what is the main screen music called? Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post Comment. Thank you to Marble Syrup for the inspiration! I think you may be referring to another game Noodles. Hi Noodles, do you mean the Patreon version?

Hey, did you ever make this video??? Hey, what video are you referring to? It's called Crusoe had it easy. So is this still a thing anyone is working on?

Stranded with her greek tycoon

Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it! Hey, glad you like it! I will try and find out for you :. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This website use cookies to store some basic settings. We do not store personal data nor use cookies for tracking.