Step into a Luxury House in Notting Hill

    Step into a Luxury House in Notting Hill

    Located in the suburbs of London, this 340 square-foot home is a new home for a young married couple.

    According to the project of the Guy Stansfeld Architects bureau, and under the conductive stick of Maddux Creative, the sumptuous house in Notting Hill has been completely renovated and adapted to modern trends, primarily in terms of reducing energy consumption. However, what makes this project interesting is a very luxurious interior.

    The interior is sprinkled with various materials and combinations of colors that conquer at first glance.

    Starting from the sumptuous living room, through the huge kitchen with the dining room to the bedrooms and the wine cellar, everything in this house is carefully designed to the smallest detail.

    The four-level house is connected by a central concrete staircase with wired glass. In the basement you can enjoy the wine, on the ground floor there is a richly equipped living room with a dining room and a kitchen, on the first floor there are bedrooms, while there is a green oasis for relaxation on the roof.

    The touch of luxury and fantastic finishing are present at every step. Starting from the living room with unusual sculptures, through the bedroom, tucked in silk, to the wine cellar surrounded by oak.

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