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From multiplayer RPG and adventure shooter games to clicker, strategy and sims, there is something here for everyone…. With a diverse library of genres and game styles, the prices on this digital distribution platform are also some of the lowest around.

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Publishing adult games on Steam has always been a tricky proposition, but the canceled launch of Super Seducer 3 has revealed an altogether deeper problem in the Steam developer rules. The vast majority of video games are pretty benign forms of entertainment, but there is also a broad category of games that specifically targets adults with the inclusion of sexual content.

Sometimes that content is suggestive or inferred, sometimes there's a bit of nudity, and sometimes it can get downright explicit. Adult games on Steam run the gamut, but one particular game had a problem getting published in the last few months — and that led to us looking into things a little more. Back inSuper Seducer 3 was announced just three days before the launch of the second game in the franchise.

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It was developed over the course of a couple of years before finally announcing that it was coming to Steam, but it encountered a problem — Steam rejected the first submitted version of the game. That lead to a painful, monthlong back-and-forth process before Valve ultimately banned the game entirely. As we have mentioned ly, Steam does not ship sexually explicit images of real people.

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After multiple product resubmissions and product reviews, we feel we are at an impasse and therefore this decision is final. We do not have any additional feedback or details to share beyond what we have provided in conversations. As for the PC version of the game, it ultimately ended up on Gamesplanet as an exclusive, DRM-free, and uncensored release; the first two games of the franchise were also made available for purchase on that platform.

The rejection of the game on Steam was particularly confusing, especially because none of the games in the Super Seducer franchise include any nudity or explicit sex as far as we know. That led us to do a bit of digging into what the rules actually are — and to put it simply, Valve's rules for adult games on Steam are downright puzzling. Adult games on Steam are allowed, but the Steam developer rules aren't exactly clear on the subject and leave a lot of room for interpretation.

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What's more, it looks like these rules have changed in recent months. Let's start with how things look today: there are actually two sets of published "Rules and guidelines" for things you shouldn't try to publish on Steam. Here are the two versions that are live at the time of writing:. Source: Onboarding .

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Inconsistent documentation isn't exactly new in the corporate world; presumably, the longer set of rules on the right side is what actually applies to developers. Those set of rules also happen to have changed a couple of times over the last few months; coincidentally or not, this also happens to be around the time Super Seducer 3 was trying to get approved on Steam.

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Only a couple of rules really apply to adult games on Steam, and those rules, in particular, went through at least three changes before it settled on the current version seen on the onboarding today. ing The Steamworks Distribution Program presumably the oldest version of the rules. Onboarding on November 25, Onboarding on January 17, Adult content which includes a visual depiction that requires age verification of an actual human being; see, for example, [18 U. Link currently found here. Onboarding as of Today. These changes indicate that Valve was attempting to codify a new policy for adult games on Steam.

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A ban on "pornography" was added, then removed in favor of a ban on a "visual depiction that requires age verification of an actual human being" before finally settling on "Sexually explicit images of real people. That, of course, le to another question — what counts as a "sexually explicit image" of a real person? Where is the line and who makes that determination?

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Unfortunately, we don't have those answers — but it does look like these changes may have been used as the justification for blocking Super Seducer 3's release on Steam. Valve's rules for adult games on Steam have already had an impact on one game that we know of: Super Seducer 3. We reached out to the creators of the games and they revealed just how frustrating the process can be from the developer end.

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This is the reason why games such as [HuniePop 2] are uncensored on Steam and also heavily promoted. Aside from blocking the publication of Super Seducer 3the game's creator Richard La Ruina says that it had submitted a demo for the Winter Steam Festival featuring a single level.

According to a series of tweetsthat demo was removed from the Steam storefront by Valve with no explanation whatsoever. As for the claims regarding HuniePop 2's promotion, there's a big caveat there — HuniePop 2 is an adult game and those are handled very differently on Steam.

You can't even see them on the platform unless you're logged in and have your set up to view adult content, and some countries block particular adult games or pieces of DLC entirely no matter how you've set up your Steam .

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What is perhaps even more frustrating is the lengths that La Ruina went to in order to get Super Seducer 3 published on Steam. It ostensibly complied with all of the rules at the time, but Valve appears to have been changing them around the time that the game was trying to get approved.

He had the good sense to get passport info from all of the women in the game which proves that they are over the age of majoritylikely negating any concerns over verifying the age of the actresses, and fulfilling the requirements of at least one set of rules Valve had set.

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The situation surrounding this game gets even weirder than that, though — Richard says that he went as far as to offer to get the game rated by the ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board and believed that he could get an M rating Ages 17 and up. If not why not give us a clear example of what was not okay?

So, what happens now? Is publishing adult games on Steam okay or is it not?


That's a question that no one really seems to have an answer to, Valve included. Naturally, we reached out to Valve on this subject in an attempt to get more clarification on what the rules for adult games actually are. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a response.

Mind, this certainly isn't the first time that Valve has difficulty with delivering a consistent message for what is and is not okay on Steam. A of adult game developers were told that their titles were going to be removed from Steam back in ; Valve later rescinded these removals and clarified its position on the subject.

1. huniepop

That certainly seemed like promising news, but a of developers still had issues with publishing adult games. Months later, multiple adult game developers had problems getting their games published on Steamdespite ostensibly complying with all of the rules set for by Valve at the time.

Another game titled Bokuten - Why I Became an Angel was removed months after publicationalthough this situation appears to have been an steam sex games and the game is currently available for purchase on Steam [NSFW]. Other games appear to have avoided any trouble; Studio FOW Interactive's inaugural release Subversefor example, launched at 2 on Steam, beaten only by Valheim. Despite this, Valve showed its intent to make it easier than ever to find adult games on its digital distribution storefront.

It created a specific "Adult Only" games section with a Steam Labs experiment late last year; that experiment has since ended its beta and gone live. As best as we can tell, getting an adult game published on Steam is pretty much a crapshoot. The rules have changed multiple times and are still terribly vague even today, and even games that appear to comply with the rules or developers who are willing to work with Valve to make changes are not necessarily safe.

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It's certainly not great that one of the biggest digital platforms is having these problems; thankfully, there are still a fair few adult-specific storefronts that are all too happy to sell legal products that customers want to buy. What do you think of Valve's rules for adult games on Steam? Do you think adult games should be allowed on its platform or would you prefer a more family-friendly environment? Let us know in the comments below!

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