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Something unlimited walkthrough

Developer: Gunsmoke Game Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info.

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Views Downlo 48 File size 53KB. It's ok though, because tits. I did my best to skim through the guide and make changes where appropriate, if I missed anything or screwed anything up, meh, you'll figure it out. This is just t o give you an idea of the sequence of events you need to go through. If someone isn't available one day, come back the next day and go from there, etc. It's a lso entirely possible you'll do some things faster than this guide.

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Views Downlo 49 File size 53KB. It's ok though, because tits.

(something unlimited) unofficial game guide pdf

I did my best to skim through something unlimited walkthrough guide and make changes where appropriate, if I missed anything or screwed anything up, meh, you'll figure it out. This is just t o give you an idea of the sequence of events you need to go through.

If someone isn't available one day, come back the next day and go from there, etc. It's a lso entirely possible you'll do some things faster than this guide. Proceed through the conversation and select your first heroine - Your choice wil l not affect any gameplay aspects, the differences between the heroines is purel y cosmetic, it will simply capture either Batgirl, Huntress, or Black Canary for you, effectively granting you the ability to make money. Go to the Glamour Slam on the city map your only choice at this point, it was j ust flashing red Proceed through conversation Go back to LexCorp your only choice, it's the big building with the green L on it Proceed through Conversation Go to Glamour Slam your only choice once again Proceed through conversation - you will automatically watch the dance which unlo cks it in the Vault scenes section, and you'll make some money.

Once the game s witches back to the City Map, all available travel locations should be highlight ed in red for a few lines of dialogue, if this is your first playthrough, take n ote of their locations as there aren't normally any visual clues about where the y are unless you mouse over them.

Before leaving the Glamour Slam, talk to Roulette, if she's available she'll bri ng you to her office and initiate her "first" conversation with you, if not, it' ll say she's busy and you'll have to come back another night, as with Tala, this is just an annoyance, not an actual problem. If you do manage to trigger the c onversation, you'll be presented with a "choice" of either talking about "Girls" or "Money" - there isn't actually any difference, they have slightly different wording, and end the same way.

Despite what the game text said when you first set your heroine to dance, you're better off resetting the rotat ion every single night, but it can get very tedious and involved. You can eithe r unlock a stripping position and upgrade your first heroine's device, unlock an other dancing position and create a T1 device to capture a second heroine, or hi re a villain and perform a heist.

If neither of them is available, I suggest you wait until they are, un less you want to really flip a coin early on. Not a huge deal either way, most of you something unlimited walkthrough cheating for cash anyway. Just don't go full retard.

Labs heist but we won't something unlimited walkthrough it yet - Note that completing this heist is one of the triggers for cloning to become availabl e. After that proceed with the routine which should be pretty familiar to you by now so I'm going to stop mentioning it going forwards - Just remember to keep rotating the dancers, once you add Strip slots you'll rotate them too, and Spec ials, and Meta Bordello slots etc etc etc - You'll get to a point where money is no longer an issue and you can completely forgo this 2 Talk to Roulette and have her dance if you can 3 Mercy's Room - Change her costume to her LexCorp Officer Uniform and have her dance for you in it to unlock the scene 4 Tala's Workshop - Hopefully at this point Tala has her "Actions" option unloc ked and you can get a blowjob from her, if so, do it, if not, have her dance or ask her about one of the available heroines you still need.

Do I really need to spell it out at this point? You have to complete 4 of these new heists, then head back to th e cloning area, then complete a data tape heist before you can begin making a cl one. Once that's done, you select Tube 1, select a blood sample Galatea is you r only option at this time 2.

You'll want to come back every 6 days to check on progress. Be a shame to have to flush your hard work d own the something unlimited walkthrough. You can obviously spread these new tech heists out as needed, but they'll probab ly require at least 2 good T1 villains to reliably succeed, so bear that cash in vestment in mind.

Talk to Harley 2 Progress with Mercy - Day 26 At some point Lois' 2nd warning scene should trigger - If you're having trouble, do more heists! Upgrading y our defences is completely pointless right now so don't waste the time or money.

Next on your list should be hiring Livewire if you haven't yet and posting her to the LexCorp Living Quarters then paying her a visit by going to Lex's room This in a Blowjob scene something unlimited walkthrough You'll want to re-hire her after the first sc ene, post her there again and visit her a 2nd time for a slightly different scen e.

Once that's done, hire her for a third time, dismiss whoever you have curren tly posted in the Glamour Slam, and as her there, then visit the Glamour Sla m to trigger her DJ and anal scenes requires the Glamour Slam to be upgraded to level 3. Now that that's all done, the only thing left at this point is the Meta Bordello and Cells, you should be quite capable of figuring out how and when to unlock s lots and upgrade devices by now, and talk to people, so I'm done holding your ha nd.

It should go without saying that the Meta Bordello makes more money than th e Glamour Slam.

Something unlimited [version ]

Be aware : heroines can only be posted in 1 place, so they're e ither at the Slam, the Bordello, in a cell if they've been upgraded high enough - only Batgirl can be at the momentor they're sitting idle, you can't have t hem performing in both places at once. The Meta Bordello has a single Private Room you can post heroines in only Batgi rl right now which unlocks more stuff, including costume options, and the costu mes can be changed in the Bordello as well.

The holding Cells are located in the LexCorp Living Quarters - they can be acces sed once a device has been upgraded all the way to Tier 2 Tier 1 has 6 levels t hen you can unlock T2 - Once something unlimited walkthrough got a heroine in a holding cell, she can no longer be ased to any Glamour Slam or Meta Bordello slots - so keep that in mind.

If you want to, you can revert her device back to "factory default" and delevel her back down to Tier 1 Level 1 in order to re-as her to either plac e, but the ly purchased upgrades will need to be bought again. Keep this in mind if you aren't cheating for money. The easiest way to do this is to simply perform the te ch heists until the option to do so disappears.

You can either keep her because you're weird like thatwhich locks the cloning tube and basically end s your cloning experience at this point as of 2. If you try again, re peat the cloning from step 7. Note that you can still end up with a failed clon e even if you dutifully check the cloning tube during every cloning stage, shit happens.

Note that because Tala is required to both perform the summoning AND control the summoned entities, she must be available ie not floating and preparing a spell for you to perform any summoning or room visits. Despite what the summoning conversation says, you do NOT need a device for Raven at this time 2. Keep this in mind if you aren't chea ting for money.

The easiest way to do this is to simply perform the relic heists until the option to do so disappears. He usuall y isn't terribly impressed with them.

Something unlimited (ver ) guide + save

Visiting again allows a conversation about Artemis which unlocks her capture option. Labs are currently only there to add flavour to the game and cannot actually be visited yet? Reset device - Resets the device back to Tier 1 - level 1, which allows heroines to be posted in the Glamour Slam and Meta Bordello slots again, once properly u pgraded Level 1 devices required for Batgirl, Huntress, Black Canary, Artemis 3 require d Level 2 devices required for Stargirl, Zatanna, Vixen 3 required Level 3 devices required for Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Miss Martian 4 required Note : Although it can be done, there is no reason to use a higher level device to capture a lower level heroine, you get no benefit from it, and it costs you m ore money.

The Cloning section unlocks for use after completing the Joker's chemical heist and after your second conversation with Vandal Savage in the Glamour Slam requi res all Tier 1 heroines to be captured Defences Section : Where you send villains out to capture heroines, check on your current threat le vel and threats against you once activea villains to positions in your o perations, select your henchwoman once you have more than 1 available, and check on the status and stats of villains.

Capture - This is where you capture heroines for various nefarious purposes - to capture a heroine, drag and drop her character doll into the heroine slot, then select a something unlimited walkthrough the same way and finally select an appropriate level device s ee above. Threats - This is where you will be able to monitor your current threat level an d any active threats against you and your operations - Not currently implemented - You'll get a warning about The Question investigating you, but nothing actual ly happens yet, although the threat meter does increase and decrease properly.

Villains - This is where you will be able to as villains to your operationschange henchwomen, and check villain stats.

Something unlimited walkthrough & guide

To as a villain to your operations, select "Post Villains" and drag the vill ain you wish to as into the slot you wish them ased to and select "Go Ba ck" and "Confirm". To remove them once posted, click their character doll once and select confirm.

Note that at this time, removing a villain from an ased post effectively fir es them, and they will need to be re-hired from the Legion Hideout if you wish t o use them for anything again.

Once villains have been posted you need to wait for the next night to make any c hanges. Upgrade - You can upgrade your defences to reduce the amount of threat your oper ations generate, these upgrades cost Living Quarters Section : Lex's Room - Allows you to change and purchase outfits, accessories, and superpo wers once implemented - Also where you interact with any villains posted to th e living quarters if any interactions are available Mercy's Room - Where you interact with Mercy Something unlimited walkthrough Harley's Room - Where you interact with Harley Quinn Lois' Room - Where you interact with Lois Lane Cells - Where you interact with captured heroines whose devices have been upgrad ed to Tier 2 as well as Galatea, and Cheshire if you have them.

The Vault Section : Stats - Displays a window with various game stats such as money earned, spent, h eists performed, etc. Talk to Roulette - Allows you to interact with Roulette - Talking, events, heroi ne discussion, etc Give her money - Allows you to give Roulette a gift of cash which increases her relationship level with you making her more likely to be available to talk rathe r than be busy and perform more advanced actions sooner Upgrade - Allows you to upgrade the Glamour Slam, increasing the amount of money you make and unlocking the ability to post heroines to Specials Meta Bordello : Allows you ition slots, watch them in rivate Room, interact with roines if available - Your to post heroines to bordello, private room, and exhib the aforementioned slots, interact with them in the P Catwoman, and change and purchase new costumes for he primary source of money in the late game.

Exhibition - Not currently enabled Bordello - Where you post heroines to various slots in the Meta Bordello or ente r the Something unlimited walkthrough Room if you've posted a heroine there in order to interact with he r. Stables - Contains the Roster not currently enabledand the Costumes section which allows you to change and purchase costumes for heroines you've captured.

Offices - Allows you to interact with Catwoman, and monitor the Bordello and Exh ibition slots not currently enabledas well as interact with any posted villa ins if available Upgrade - Something unlimited walkthrough you to increase the amount of money you earn, not required to p urchase additional slots though, unlike the Glamour Slam. Cadmus and S. Labs : Nothing to do in either place yet Villains : [VLNS] Villains can be hired or sent on Payout missions to lower your threat from the Legion Hideout - There are Tiers of Villains, just like Heroines, to reach the higher Tier and usually better villains, you'll need to upgrade the hideout.

Some Villains are much better suited to tasks than others. I won't be listing a ny villain stats here since it's all available in-game once you hire them for th e first time and it'll inflate the guide wall of text, but I will list bonuses a nd scene counts and a small blurb if they're notable for something in particular.

I'm not listing Tala or Mercy here because while they are able to be sent on heists, they should only really be used at the very start of the game. Also, just because a villain isn't "suited" for a posting somewhere doesn't mean you shouldn't do it for a quick laugh, there are quite a few funny moments. Heroines : Available once individual triggers are reached, expect the se to only be reliably "recruited" once the T3 heroines are done -Miss Martian Requires you to have captured all Tier 3 heroines and have a conversation with R oulette, visit the lab, perform a heist, visit the lab again, then capture her.

She is very much like Batgirl in that her device can be unlocked to Tier 2 and she can be placed in a cell in the Living Quarters and her scene list includes a nything unlocked there as well. At the moment there is 1 Mercy scene, and 2 costumes, that can only be unlock ed if she is your active henchwoman during something unlimited walkthrough LexCorp takeover, and 1 Galatea S cene I'm including Lois Lane, Barbara Batgirl - Device Tier 2Artemis Device Tier 2and Megan Miss Martian - Device Tier 2 "Prisoners" in this section beca use their interactions are the same as Mercy and Harley even if they aren't tech nically henchwomen yet?

I'm also including Roulette, Catwoman, and Tala as associates since I have no id ea where else to put them.

Something unlimited [ongoing] - version:

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