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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. Barkin 10 Active Member. Dec 27, Palpatine12 said:. Guys where are the game saves located? Apr 7, Belnick Well-Known Member. Sep 3, 1, I just want the file location because i moved my OS to the ssd and now the game cant find my save file. LordPalpatine Member. Aug 4, Belnick said:. ZugBub Member. Mar 23, Reactions: xMendoza.

Ginyu Well-Known Member. Apr 9, 1, Reactions: PugWug.

Core13 Newbie. Jul 28, 95 Aug 19, Core13 said:. Can't seem to get toyman costume post him at underground defenses and he talks about how happy he is to play with the toys then try to go talk to lois and nothing happens is this a bug?

Yeah i have used regedit before and for the game freeze when using the private room always check who is in your private room before entering ,sometimes the bordello resets itself. Jun 4, When next update comes out this month or next? Apr 21, You know while pregnancy is not an intended feature quite yet, I would love to see it in the game. There is even a pretty simple, easy way to go about it at a much later date that wouldn't be out of character for Lex to want it.

In the new yacht build when he talks to Slade, he does mention that perhaps he should have of his own as it would be a crime in his mind to not pass on his genius.

That is a pretty good set up or rather an explanation to introduce it. Simply put all that would need to happen is to simply have the Grodd and Lex conflict heat up a bit and have Grodd try to kill Lex and come very close to succeeding.

Perhaps do it being as before a plan so stupid that Lex wouldn't of thought Grodd would even try it, expecting something More from him. As a result of this, Lex recalls his conversation with Slade and thinks it might be best to perhaps make preparations to go through with it.

Sure he could just clone himself But said clone would almost certainly try to kill him and take his place. And would find away around any safeguards he creates for it or places on it. So it's either not work the hassle or only a last resort. While that is just a bit of context the next part is very simple I think. Most might think to make pregnancy affect the heroines, it's not a bad idea and Lex himself would be amused by it, in the end it would cause 1 too many headaches for him and could expose and ruin all his plans.

A more logical and practical move would be to have it affect the henchwoumen and very specific females. Ones that would make sense that aren't direct hencewoumen are say, Tala, Terra, or and while I know this one is pushing it a bit ,Roulette or Audrey.

Generally the ones that would be available for it could only ones Lex can control or know he can keep in line. Or ones that have more personal investment in him.

Such as Galatea who would do anything for Lex along with Terra or Tala. Mercy is with him for more personal reasons and knows him best. Or for ones he can control such as Blackfire or debatablely super-woman.

Cheshire is a bit of a harder one to pin down to the league of shadows but still. And Harley in return of the Joker actually HAD children and grandchildren along with in the past of it with Tim Drake Robin showed interest in having some. Minus childbirth. So in a nutshell that would be my proposal.

Have it be expaliend as Lex deciding to do this due to a near death at Grodd's And deciding which one he wants to impregnate. Maybe it can only be 1 per play through that get's it and it's an event perhaps at the 'end' of the game that is repeatable with others. What do all of you guys think? RobertoCasas Member.

Sep 2, Monroe88 Newbie.

Apr 1, 41 Respected User. Dec 17, 7, 9, Monroe88 said:. Reactions: KaiserST.

Johnny Member. Nov 12, I've been trying it for a while. Good game and a lot of content.

I don't like the autosave. The game closed on me in the brothel and it does not let me interact with any girl. KristopheH Member. Mar 8, So here's a post I've been meaning to put together for a while. First, a bit of background. I was originally optimistic about the 2-month schedule. I thought that if SR7 could concentrate for longer on each step of development for each new version, we'd see much better versions overall.

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Sadly it wasn't to be. I'm sure everyone knows what buggy, steaming piles 2. I was on the verge of giving up on sending any more Patreon bucks and relying on you fine file-sharers here on F I figured I'd give him one more chance. And then we got version 2.

To say I enjoyed this event immensely would be an understatement.

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Gorgeous new characters, dialogue that varies between hilarious and sexy almost effortlessly, and of-course, amazing artwork. It's not without it's faults or room for improvement, as I'll get into shortly, but it's set the bar back to where it should be. If these new 'complete a girl' versions can keep this up, SR7 will have a patron in me for a long time to come. Loved seeing her in that canonical evening gown at last I think we saw that in one of thefirst promo images for this game.

It's unfortunate her script had to see her get practically blackout drunk in order to fuck Lex, but I suppose it wasn't going to work any other way. Handjob was OK, sex and anal were great. Nice use of the Suicide Squad dress, although personally I'd have replaced the gold and black pattern with red and black to fit better with this version of the character. Good dialogue and sex scenes, particularly the vaginal. Gorgeous dress.