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Slave maker shampoo

Version : 3. Get Slave Maker v.

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Post by Lexxus » June 20th,am.

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Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Forums Main Hentai Hentai Games. Thread starter greatone Start date Jan 1, Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 49 of 65 Go to. ed Nov 12, Messages 1, Reputation score Re: Slavemaker Revised Now up to 3.

Slave maker v [completed]

But yah, I noticed that problem as well. You can still complete early if you go to the slave market as the slave maker action when your assistant is supervising and you can complete early there.

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The only way I think to complete Shampoo, but for everyone else, you can sell them to random people or to story characters like Akane to the lord, Yurika to Astrid, etc. TentanariX Lurker. ed Dec 6, Messages 4, Reputation score As the true catgirl advantage is greyed if you pick male. And I only picked Shampoo at first when I do freelance is because anyone else will put you in debt, but I guess you can always cheat On the topic of cheating at Slave Maker You can use Cheat Engine rather easily.

Do a search for on Cheat Engine, you'll come up with a bunch of possibilities. Buy something for 10 points and then do a search forthere should be only one.

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That's your character point address. Lock it and you have unlimited points. Slightly more technical version: The character points have a multiplier of 8.

Take whatever points you currently have and multiply it by 8 to find the value in Cheat Engine Unfortunatly, the address changes everytime to start SM, but since you're just making your character, it shouldn't be a problem. TheHamburglar Demon Girl. ed Apr 17, Messages 70 Reputation score 3.

Buuuut, how do I change my monies? I wanna be filthy unnecessarily rich as well. See earlier in this thread about one.

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You can change money, stats, measurements for giant cocks if you so wish and just about anything else I've found the variable, but it seems to be an integer that corresponds to groups of abilities. So use Cheat Engine to get the abilities you want in creation and use a.

ed Nov 14, Messages 1, Reputation score Just a few moments of clicking and you have enough money to do anything you possibly want And if you run out Just begin clicking again mid buy But it's been over a month New Slaves have been released! But don't say what was added I'm going to do another beta sweep tomorrow on Futanari Palace If I get any new ones I'll them all for everyone Krim Demon Girl.

ed May 3, Messages 52 Reputation score Played this like mad last year, it's awesome. And it's still getting updated! It's like the Team Fortress 2 of h-games I remember playing Princess Maker years ago and wishing how there was a hentai version Would love to create some slaves myself, but unfortunatly i don't know how to program and the Slave Builder lacks the Event creator options yet one day it'll be updated, and thus that day shall be EPIC.

While i could use it to create some very basic slaves, what i really want is to create slaves with a series of events which are: 1 Challenging Ie: Exclusive fights and quests, which are available but require items or finishing other things before to be solved right. It would be really good if the slave could only be available if those conditions are meet.

Example : You get a slave, let's say Rukia from bleach. A-On the X and Y and Z etc of days of her training, you get attacked by enemies in this case, hollows. If you lose a battle, your slave's stats suffers from it, and if they go below or beyond certain point, the slave gets sick or even dies.

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Winning these battles gives you one special item a each. B-There is a place which acts as dungeon of sorts like the cave, but related to the particular slave. To solve it, there are some fights and options prompted that requite some specific slave exclusive items ie: A special sword, some kind of artifact, learning a spell, etc.

Said items can be get by triggering a specific event of the slave exclusive or not. About half the way in Rukia's training, she gets kidnapped and you get informed she'll be executed in X amount of days.

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Route1-If you don't save her by not going to the dungeon or failing to win against it's boss in the specified timeshe gets killed. Route2-If you go save her and advance thru fighting your way and defeat the boss near the end of it, but fail to gather the neccesary items and completting the quest before the time runs out, she gets brutally raped and her stats suffer from itbut survives after being saved by Ichigo and Renji.

However, she won't have a love ending with the player. You get either the c item or d item based on one of your choices during her rescue. Route3-If you both win against the boss and gather the items and complete the quest before the time runs out, you successfully save her, get the option of boosting one of her stats, and receive a special item b.

Some days pass Depending if you went Route 2 or 3 there'll be some specific events which gives you the option to boost some stats Another important event appears: Orihime gets kidnapped.

Slave maker: shampoo episode 2

If you go save her, you get 3 fights in a row. Route1-If you lose, nothing happens except you won't be able to complete the quest. Route2-If you win, you get 3 more a special items and a new dress. Some days pass Right near the end of Rukia's training, the slave maker shampoo important event happens. Routes depend on the amount of a items you gathered and if you have the b item. Route1- If you have below X or a items and don't have the b item, you trigger a special event and many of Rukia's stats drop completely BadEnd: Broken cum dumpster.

Route2- If you have below X of a items but have the b item, you trigger a special event NormalEnd and you get no stat penalties. Route3- If you have above X of a items but don't have the b item, you trigger a special event GoodEnd and you get the choice of boosting one stat. Depending if you have the c or d item, either one of two events will occur With Ichigo or Renji.

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Unless she's a lesbian, in which case you get an Orihime scene. Last edited: May 15, Cyn Jungle Girl. ed Jun 1, Messages 15 Reputation score 0. It's got a few bugs but it come with Ayanami Rei, and all the recently released slaves. You must be registered to see the links. I downloaded the friggin upgrade and not the full download. Dono Jungle Girl. ed Nov 13, Messages 14 Reputation score 0.

They either redirect me to a different site, or tell me the link is no longer available everytime I try them. Ami Newbie. ed May 20, Messages 2 Reputation score 0. I just found the game a few weeks ago, and I was wondering if there was any possible ways to get Rei Hino as an assistant.

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Rogdort Jungle Girl.