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Sexy goblin girls

Three months have passed since the quartet of sexy goblin women and their human companion were hired as caravan guards. Two weeks past the equator in southern highlands, the wagons approach the sprawling trading hub of Linlea and the warring wizard guilds there. Stiletto, the smallest and fiercest of the goblins, finds herself perpetually unlucky in love.

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Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Includes a brand new exclusive short story, "Wolf And Shepherd! Joren, a captured human soldier, is forced to marry Vexation, a fierce but lusty Goblin warrior, catapulting him into many steamy encounters and amazing adventures! Can the young man handle four fiery, horny monster girls half his size?

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Ask it above. By Paul Lucas.

Publisher description

A quartet of battle-weary goblin females capture a lone army courier named Joren while desperately hiding out from the hostile human forces surrounding their swamp. The green-skinned women are half his size, but prove more than a match for the inexperienced young man. They have unusual plans for their prisoner, which start with a forced marriage to the warrior Vexation and only get more depraved from there.

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Hot Goblin Girls Series Order. Words: 21, Language: English.

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Published: April 27, A lone army courier named Joren gets captured by four goblin women desperately hiding out from the hostile human forces surrounding their swamp. Can Joren win his freedom, much less survive, as a plaything of four fierce and horny monster girls?

Words: 29, Published: August 23, Joren and the four female goblins manage to escape Raelen into the kingdom of Famir. Vexation becomes viciously possessive of her new husband, causing serious problems when they ally with Aislyn, a beautiful human sorceress and a wanted refugee from Raelen like themselves.

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A tale of danger, thievery, betrayal, and plentiful erotic adventure with four fierce and sexy monster girls! Words: 33, Published: August 14, Stiletto, the smallest and fiercest of the four goblin women, is perpetually unlucky in love. Desperate and lonely, she begins falling hard for Joren, her best friend's husband.

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Things become even more complicated as she makes an amazing discovery that could make them all very rich--or all very dead--at the hands of murderous sorcerers. A tale of broken hearts, forbidden lust, and high adventure!

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Words: 38, Published: November 30, On a supply run to the merchant city of Linlea, mature sexy goblins Hemlock and Black Ember meet a strange goblin named Skaver being sold as a sex slave. Tension and danger arise when the two female warriors infiltrate a high-priced bordello to rescue her, with more at stake between them than just their lives.

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Can Hemlock and Black Ember escape the unexpected perils they encounter? Words: 36, Published: January 29, A massive magical disaster hits the nearby trading city of Linlea, sending Joren and his four Goblin Girl companions scrambling for survival!

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Separated and forced into strange alliances, they struggle to reunite in the chaos of a monster-filled wilderness. Unexpected passions rise and copious erotic encounters spark amidst the desperate refugees in this steamy tale of harrowing adventure!

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Words: 32, Published: July 11, Fleeing the decimated city of Linlea, the small band of fierce and sexy goblin women face a fanatical cannibal army borne of the disaster. Featuring exciting action, compelling characters, fiery sexuality, and much more! Words: 89, Published: May 2, Includes a brand new exclusive short story, "Wolf And Shepherd! Can the young man handle four fiery, horny monster girls half his size?