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You must be 18 or over to view this site, please read our terms. It was Kim's turn and after being interrupted with Holly, I was more than ready for her! I admit I was a little disappointed my plans had gotten off to such a rocky start, but I brushed it aside and looked forward to Wednesday with Kim.

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This story is a work of fiction, and is intended for adults only. It is a fictional biography, and conforms to all legal statutes and is protected under the Byrne Convention. This can be a little bid fantasy and the truth, U can decide.

Thanks to a Wonderful Woman, She know who she is. It started in a small town at the coast of Durban, South Africa. I run about 8km a day, after I did my homework. I run down to the beach take a swim in the ocean, most of the days when it is not to cold, then run back home where I will take a shower to be fresh for the night.

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I live with my Mom and her boyfriend of 4 years, James. Desire my Mom work at home doing Bookkeeping and Tax reports for people and small businesses. Desi as everyone call her was 39 years of age.

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James was 45 and working for a consulting agent in safety. My father left my Mom when he heard my Mom was pregnant with me, they were in a dorm at the local University, Mom was studding ings and wanted to make something of her live.

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After Mom passed her third year she had to drop out. She never trusted any man around her. It was only me in her live and I was everything for my Mom. It was just after my 15th birthday that James moved in with us they were dating for about a year and half.

We are not rich but there is always food and some sex stories mobile money. My new phone was stolen at school just a month after I got it. It was years that I wanted a better phone. Couple days before Christmas Mom told me that she can upgrade with her phone and that if I want to, I can get her old Blackberry My upgrade was only 4 months away. I went over to her and planted about twenty kisses on Moms face lips and neck, a game that we played since I can remember.

I made coffee and gave it to my Mom. I wanted to sit next to her on the couch but she chase me to do some cleaning stuff in my room before I can get the phone. I know when I was not allowed to be there, I walked to my room while Mom were busy on the Laptop and phone. Mom was blond but not a Dum Blond, I always loved her. If I can describe her…. Mom and I had a relationship of more than Mom, son. It was like friends and I had the worlds respect for Mom. She will always ask me my opinions and I will tell her everything that happen in my live, not everything for I was shy on my secret feeling that I had for her.

Some mornings while she get ready to take me to school, we will talk in her room with Mom in only her underwear. There was not much to see, but for a young teen boy this was enough to dream about. There were time when I tried to peep at her in the shower or when she got dressed but I was not successfully at my attempts.

There were some sex stories mobile where I looked at Mom at the beach or where she would sun tanning. Mom had a beautiful body with just the right curves at the right places. Even more curves like her breasts where nice and round with nipples that was small and hard like erasers on a pencil, not so long but you can see them stick out a bid. There was also curves on her mound and I have seen her mound sometime sticking out more than that of the girls and woman at the beach, when she move around, swim and lay back on the towel, I will look at her mound and will see a nice imprint of a Camel toe.

I was busy in my room when Mom called me, she was busy for about an hour. She went to the shop alone, I was busy playing game on the Laptop.

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I went and sat next to Mom and looked at her working back-up files to her new phone. The Laptop and new phone was still connected when James came in. We greeted and Mom ask me to unplug her phone when it is finish, she will dish up while James wash-up. It took about another 5 minutes and it was done. I took the phone to Mom and sat down at sex stories mobile table to eat. We talk about the day on table and James made a couple jokes with Mom about her new phone. I help Mom with the dishes and while they talked on and watch television I took the Laptop and my new phone to transfer my files and contacts to my new phone, I was so excited about my phone with all its new furthers.

I plug my phone in to the Laptop to save my stuff. While it was busy I looked at my new phone and see that it was clean wiped, after a while I check and my old phone was finish. I unplug the old phone and connect my new phone. The laptop ask to do a back-up of my files and I pressed yes. About 20 minutes later my phone was ready to use.

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Paul my friend was the first to chat with me. Paul asked me to send him the video of the Juke R -racing and winning a Ferrari that I got from James. I told him I will send it as soon as I get the video, I must look for it on my new phone. There I was looking through the phone memory and saw that the files and photos is not mine but that of my Mom. I looked at the photos and there was some of me, some of James, Moms sister Julie and there was some from the beach. I looked at the photos and open every one of the beach.

There were a couple photos of Mom in the swimsuit that showed her body like I see it in my memory, now I had the pictures to look at it when I need to. I have masturbated to Moms body for months now. Her photos was also nice to sex stories mobile at without any surprise to be caught looking. I can zoom in to an area on the photo that I want to see.

I went through the albums on the phone and there was one marked James. The first photo set my heart racing more than when I run or played rugby. The next couple of photos was so sexy, I had to stop and I went to the bathroom to masturbate.

I Looked at Moms photo while I was busy. I cum in no time. Washed my hands closed the phone and went to where Mom and James watch a movie.

I started to greeted James and wish him a good night sleep, went over to Mom and kissed sex stories mobile good night to. It is only half past eight. I told Mom that I want to read a book and that I might fall asleep. She kissed me on the lips and I was rock hard again. I walked to my room and was glad the light was off only the television was on. I closed my door and got my phone out. I took a book that I knew I have read before, just in case Mom came looking on me.

I laid in bed and went straight to the file James. I looked at some of the other pictures that made my cock sand up to attention, there were photos in all kind of poses. Mom was so sexy and the photos was so beautiful that if it was not my Mom… I would have fell in love with her, who do I kid, I was in love with her long time ago. As I move over some more photos.

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I went to a new folder mark as Private under James. And there was the best of all. Looking at them with my hand on my dick made my nearly cum.

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There where Mom, topless and showing her breast in full. That was so great, I never knew that Moms breast was that appealing she had small arouras pink, nicer than what I saw in porno magazine's small nipples that stood out about 3 millimetre out, and I wish it was in front of them to suck on it.

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I went on and looked at the photos one by one. The next couple pictures was of Mom stripping bare naked. Mom took het thong off slowly, and I looked at the first of several pictures of my Mothers pussy, she trimmed it so that there was only a small patch of hair above her pussy. When I saw the one with her legs open I could see the entrance of her womanhood, Oooooit looked so great.

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