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Sensual realms guide

You are farm boy. So you go grope and sex your way through armies to defeat the evil witch thing.

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Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Twistty Start date Jan 16, 2dcg adventure anal sex big tits combat corruption fantasy furry gay harem male protagonist masturbation milf monster girl oral sex vaginal sex voyeurism.

Discussion Reviews 8. First Prev 3 of 21 Go to. Sep 21, 10 6.

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Ento said:. She cheats LMAO. I tried guarding her "Tough Love" move in turn 5 and I had healed the turn before. I was like "that shit was rigged u hoe" and she got mad at me and told me to fuck off and I was like "kk bye, talk to you later bae".

Sensual realms v demo

Reactions: ponyguy. Oct 16, 26 Is it the end of this version, when I reach to toric tower and beat the boss.

Also, I unable to talk to Granilia. LeecherHentai New Member. Nov 28, 13 5. Ento Newbie.

Sensual realms – final version

Jul 4, 58 The health damage is only half the problem. The other half is that "tough love" includes a status effect "knocked-out". Jul 26, Nah the problem is the shitty half-assed western games using it. Feb 12, 3, 5, DemonLordOwO Newbie.

Aug 30, 16 6. How i can save my progess?

All the time when i try only sound like a error tone. Arenn Newbie. Dec 8, 31 Apr 3, 14 Arenn said:.

Maybe its because I don't explicitly play these games to get off, but more just to admire artwork, and I don't mind the effort required usually? I guess mindset goes a long way here.

Sensual realms – final version

Feb 24, 77 Played through the entire build, and it's already shaping up to be one of my favorites. Is there anything else that has this UI? Reactions: Twistty and ilozq. Also, for those of you saying its super grindy, I beat the second boss of the game with less than an hour of playtime on my save file.

It's fucking ridiculously easy in my opinion, even someone that hates RPGs should be able to figure this one out given 20 minutes and enough concentration to see damage s to know what works and what doesn't. The second dungeon tripped me up a bit because half the mobs either don't have a weakness or its weak to Ass damage, which you don't get until about halfway through it if you're not stopping to grind at all like I was. I do hope they make it more difficult, but later, there should sensual realms guide more content first, obviously.

Just comment if any links are down, i'll fix them

There's a lack of communication that makes things a bit opaque, but if you look at all your options at any given scenario, you shouldn't be having problems. I beat both bosses first shot, as well. A recommendation, no matter what, when you get to town, don't be tricked by all the physical attack options, the PCs strength is his diversity of magic attacks so get the magic boosting gloves for him and the best physical axe for Fura to take out the Seductresses fast early on, their magic is BRUTAL until you can use Dominate to cut their power, and can gank unsuspecting players in 3 moves, tops, even in magic armor, I'd wager.

Even with no grinding sensual realms guide all I had enough money for that so it shouldn't be a problem. Have her focus them and PC blast anything else, and the second dungeon should handle itself. PS: Ponyguy, what are you talking about?

The version I got only has the first 2 areas, I couldn't figure out where to go after defeating the second boss, so I figured that was the end, do I need to raise the King's affection to get information about the next area or something? I think you're remembering a different game, if anything.

Did I miss an updated post somewhere? Reactions: Twistty and Arenn. Well, alright then, thanks for clearing that up.

H3ll Newbie. Aug 31, 98 Leo D New Member. Jan 19, 7 2. That's strange Elasstommer Newbie. Aug 15, 49 Twistty said:. Still looking for more game info - etc Edit - Gave up for now!?

What a crappy company to get game info from. Everything is behind a friggin paywal!! If you have any images, info, etc. Thanks and Cheers penedeyewink:. The lack of images makes it clear this is a shot in the dark. No need to download it at this point. Marakanum Member. Sep 29, MattoElias said:. Ugh could games like these have a Normal Person option that removes the animal features.

Im really not sick in the mind enough to be attracted to animals. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.