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Seed of the dead teamkrama

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Search forums. Thread starter MajorKagami Start date Jan 1, MajorKagami Tentacle God. ed Apr 10, Messages Reputation score SirDregan New member.

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ed Feb 13, Messages 24 Reputation score Has this game finally different animation or still only one for each enemy? ed Feb 18, Messages 1, Reputation score Did they release a demo or am I missing something? Xman Jungle Girl. ed Aug 15, Messages 37 Reputation score 2. ed Sep 4, Messages 96 Reputation score Shadowknight Demon Girl. ed Jul 20, Messages Reputation score I said the same thing in the older thread but I'll say it again briefly here; I still don't understand why there isn't a female mc option at this point.

One would think that after holding a vote where female mc was overwhelmingly the more popular choice, they would have at least included an option in the sequel but I see that the are continuing to be ignored even to this day. I also wish they'd do away with the guro end for the girls when thier gauge fills up.

Maybe its just me, but eroticism and gore have never played well together and completely ruins the sexiness of a scene when a head suddenly gets smashed inwards. Edit: Also not a fan of locking a demo of all things behind a paywall. Last edited: Jan 2, ed Mar 28, Messages Reputation score They atleast added a Early skip button to the Death scene right? ed May 2, Messages 6 Reputation score 2. There was an option in the options menu of the first one to skip the whole death scene. It just threw up a gameover when the hp reached instead of the cutscene. Shadowknight said:. Tenma Active member.

ed May 15, Messages Reputation score SirDregan said:. Ericridge Tentacle God. ed Feb 5, Messages 2, Reputation score Well, it seems that people cannot demo the SoD2 without paying for it first at the moment which defeats the purposes of demo.

So i'm forced to go on with nothing but words in this thread and it sounds like it'll be exactly the same as the first one with an possible homebase feature. Which means the game would be likely not interest me at all. I can get exact same gameplay by slapping in anime avatars into my two L4D games. It makes me sad. FrostyTheSaltman New member. ed May 9, Messages 5 Reputation score 3.

As much as I question not having even a "public" demo with a portion of the content gated off or without the content updates after that demo's release has, it sounds like they're in the alpha stages of things, so I'm hopeful to see what will come of this. Considering how bad allot of porn games can be IMOthe original was mechanically alright and the h-content was okay for what the game was.

That said, it looks like this is gonna be "Seed of the Dead again but with better graphics," which would be pretty alright and I'm hopeful development ends up going well enough. ed Jun 22, Messages 21 Reputation score 8.

Game in the series: "seed of the dead"

The new Trail version is out! You must be registered to see the links. Anything Interesting?

Heroine intimacy. Last edited: May 30, ed Apr 4, Messages Reputation score Hopefully the character's characters is as good as their looks this time.

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Heroine customization. I now have some interest in this game. I hope it includes hair style changes, then color changes for hair and eyes. And more. I'm still not interested enough to pledge to patreon. Don't have demo so XD. Has anyone been working on the uncensore for this? ed Mar 18, Messages Reputation score TouchFluffyTail said:. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Replies 3 Views 3K. Jun 15, cezul. Replies 6 Views 2K. Hagya Feb 4, Replies 11 Views 1K.

Mar 21, Hagya.

Enlit3D May 5, 4 5 6. Replies Views 42K. Jun 2, szarala. Hagya Sep 18,