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Seed of the dead game download

Seed Of The Dead was released on December 14, A heartbreaking fusion of zombie FPS and erotic dating sim!

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Whenever Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, and Parasite in City needed a three-way, this is what the posterity would resemble. A Heart-siphoning blend of zombie FPS and suggestive dating sim! An abrupt outbreak has changed the world to a zombie-plagued hellscape. Start looking for safety with three attractive courageous ladies! She had been before a celebrity Olympic style events competition, famous for being an outstanding sprinter. Really, even in troublesome conditions, she always remembers to encourage others!

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A lewd first-person shooter sounds like a great idea and I think that there are some good ideas here with Seed of the Dead. The game was going to be originally called Rape of the Dead, but as this got a full release on STEAM, I am assuming that they changed the name due to being worried about not being able to release it on certain platforms.

As you would expect from an action-packed lewd first-person shooter. Seed of the Dead is not exactly heavy on the story. The basics of things are that you are a dude who is stuck in a zombie-infested world with three hot chicks by your side to help you survive and fight off the zombie threat. The thing is, this world is not normal.

Seed of the dead pc latest version game free download

The Zombies are horny and want to have sex with the girls and the girls are super horny and want to have lots of sex with you! The idea of the game is that you need to fight off wave after wave of zombie. There is a decent selection of levels for you to do this in and the three girls will pitch in and try and help out.

Their AI is not super-smart, but the programmers of Seed of the Dead did a decent enough of a job here.

Seed of the dead free download (uncensored)

There is a nice selection of weapons such as guns and a freaking laser sword and for the most part, they control like a decent, but basic first-person shooter. If the zombies or monsters get hold of a girl, they will have sex with her and you need to save her. You save her and then you need to have sex with her to help her get her health back. In between levels, you also need to have sex with the girls as well!

I have to say that the presentation of Seed of the Dead is not exactly going to blow you away. It looks like a game from the generation.

It is not a bad looking game, but it just has a very rushed and low-budget feel to everything about it. They do get points for the creativity and variety, but the game is not going to make you say wow.

One thing I will give them credit for is the frame rate. I never had any issues with the game crawling to a stop, even when there were lots of enemies on the screen. I also never experienced a single bug while I was playing it.

An action-filled game with guns and girls

I love the idea of a lewd first-person shooter and in all honesty, I wish that there were a ton more of them. I think that there are some good ideas here with Seed of the Dead and the game works well enough. The problem is, everything about the game feels very basic and simple and it is very easy to get bored of what you are doing here. Browse games Game Portals. Seed of the Dead.

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