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Some fetishes are always within the game, as parts of the storyline depend on it like BDSM and Feminizationsothers depend on decisions the player takes within the game. Please check bugs on the Secretary Discord Server before posting any new bugs.

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Hard Times in Hornstown.

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Sep 6, Someone can post some screens, please? Reactions: Qwerfy. Aug 28, 4 3. BigTyson said:. How to get into the plug suit with therapist? Not in my inventory and no option pops up. Archy Newbie. Apr 30, 16 8. Archy said:.

Hard times in hornstown

Reactions: FansaReader and Archy. Pervie-Dan Member. May 1, BigTyson Member.

Dec 6, Pervie-Dan said:. Do you mean during the first session?

Have you gotten out of your clothes first? She says that she needs to put lotion on you before you can put on the suit.

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After you get naked, you have the plug suit in the inventory. Sep 27, 7. Can someone tell me how to increase the attributes to wear women's clothes at work?

I asked this a little earlier - apparently it hasn't been implemented yet. Game is still in very early stages so I guess no matter how high you get your stats you still don't have courage to wear girls' clothes outside. Apr 28, Feb 3, Salamatama said:. Say, is this MaletoFemale transformation or sissification? Reactions: Salamatama.

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It's mainly sissification now but the author has mentioned that now this far into the project they can foresee male2female transformation being implemented. Bob13th New Member. Mar 31, 4 4. Anyone got the update? Anyways there used to be a punishment that would make you were female clothes to work, haven't been able to trigger it since I think 1. Anyways to get boobs take a the pink pill you get after trying to quit before the first punishment. Hope that helps. Reactions: pcg50a-babe-gets-clear and m1piffles.

Nyn New Member Donor. Aug 13, 7 3.

Secretary reference library

Apr 9, 6 4. Fun game. I accidentally loaded when trying to overwrite a save and screwed myself out of a few days. I found having to change clothes back and forth to be a little time consuming especially having to take off something to put on something else but the dev seemed to have factored for that as after a bit you seem to be able to just change via option given during the scene.

It does seem a lot like Perverted Education but that's certainly a good one to imitate, for this genre at least. I think using some familiar actors pictures has really weirded me out, though, having Nick Cage, Danny Trejo and the Rock in a sex secretary tfgamesite I'm playing is a little off putting.

I found having to change clothes back and forth to be a little time consuming. Nextt Newbie. Dec 3, 31 3. It's been a long time since there was an update. Nextt said:. Reading the forum thread for this game on Tfgamessite, the author said they intended to release a new version the end of April but due to some unforseen events with the game the release date has been pushed back to May, what part of May wasn't specified.


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