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Sankura complex

Sankaku Complex Sankakucomplex. This site is kind of like a Reddit, but for hentai and anime fans. It combines a forum and a blog where the main members are writing articles on what they find interesting in the hentai world, and the rest of the community is engaging in conversations in the comment sections.

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This is where the hentai manga fantasies come alive with hundreds of thousands of sumptuous comics incorporating all manner of tastes and kinks including BDSM, bondage, anal, futanari, furry, lesbian, and more. The content can be downloaded for free and multiple updates make the site a hub for fresh content. The site also has a long list of torrents to download.

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At first glance, SankakuComplex may look innocent enough.

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Today, The Porn Dude is one of them. SankakuComplex is a blog with a very clean layout. The eight most Recent Posts are at the top, followed by eight Popular Posts from the last couple of months. This place gets more action than your favorite crack whore. All the Recent Posts on the have been posted within the last 9 hours, and some of them already have dozens of comments.

Sankaku complex

Posts are listed with a title, a thumbnail, how long ago they were added, and the current of comments. SankakuComplex scales a little bit with your screen width. It looks perfectly fine on mobile. The only extra element on the wider window of a laptop is a simple header. Even without the header, you can get to all the same places on the site via the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.

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Where the Hentai Bitches At? A post from three hours ago has its thumbnail blurred out like somebody tried to flash their dick on TV. I click it. Is this OK? Show me the tits and the cunts and the puckered assholes, now! After agreeing to have my mind and soul eternally corrupted by mature content, SankakuComplex delivered me to the post. It honestly looks like a decent synthetic anus.

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The only thing that really separates it from other premium silicone rectums is the anime schoolgirl on the box. Before you dismiss the commentary as basement-dwelling bullshit, keep in mind that purchasing a simulated turd cutter is a big decision.

These fuckers get passionate.'s similar sites

The post is about some anime adaptation that may or may not contain non-consensual sex. I checked out the SankakuComplex forum, which is not nearly as active as the comment sections. Whatever the reason, the forum only gets a couple of dozen posts a day. Just type it in the search bar and off you go.

Of course, you will find stuff just wandering around. This fake butthole post, for example, has a bunch of links to other fake butthole posts at the bottom.

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My advice to new SankakuComplex visitors is to check out the Popular Posts. Right now, I see a post about schoolgirl photography in some video game. Jesus, I was a walking boner in school even without outfits like that. The whole post is full of screengrabs and animated GIFs that look like your typical fantasy anime. There are warriors, wolves, swords, and bad looking dudes. Suddenly, four elf chicks are surrounding a wad of slime, rubbing their enormous boobies on it.

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Apparently, they steal jobs and also encourage rape. I would totally smash the sex doll they used in the pic for the story. I actually thought it was one of the quoted sluts at first. Porn fans just looking for something to casually beat their meat to will probably just want to go hit a regular porn site. SankakuComplex is a good blog for people who like sex, but are also fans of video games, manga, anime, and Japanese culture in general. Come get your fix.

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