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Sanguine rose f95

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Roman and his fellow mercenaries find themselves trapped in the snowy village of Whitewood with their recently abducted prisoner: High General Carmen Valentine. They soon discover that Carmen is willing to resort to extreme measures in order to earn back her freedom.

A terrifyingly charismatic hedonist, Carmen has a sordid scheme planned. Will you attempt to seduce Carmen, or will you succumb to her will? You are ed by Markus, a smooth talking rogue who makes a living off of trading information and finding buyers for ill gotten goods; Glashayour closest ally, who fights almost as well as she drinks ; and Crow, a beautiful half orc who acts as your guide. By diving into the world of Sanguine Rose, you will be able to enjoy many features such as:. You will get access to the following files:.

Sanguine rose

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She's oh-so-absolutely-evil, such an intelligent, corruptive influence, a sexual-maelstrom of pure No, boy. She's a mere nuissance. Gamw could of been good but fuck it was just annoying more than anything.

Hi there, I'm having some technical issues and I see on the support that itch doesn't support individual games. I'm on a Debian derivative of Linux and I had no problem extracting and playing the demo using the shell scriptbut the. I've tried downloading on different days, with different browsers, and tried three different archive managers to extract it File roller, unrar, and Ark and they all either say it isn't a.

The only other thing I can think of is that the package is somehow corrupt on the server. Could you please check to see if the package has an issue and then advise me what I should do to download the game? If I had to guess, the problem is that the demo version is ed as a.

I'm not sure why the. It may have to wait a day or two as our hands are full releasing an update to the game, but that might be for the best as this way you can play the version with additional scenes. I'll make sure the update is packaged as a.

I've just finished my first run-though, and that was well done. It had a good tense and releas cycle. I don't want to spoil anything, but I got a less-than desired ending, so I'm going to try again. I did and it took me a couple of tries to get an ending that I was satisfied with. Then I just went to unlock all the art and scenes I could. There are three hidden scenes that I haven't found yet.

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Your characters are great. Man, Carmen reminds me of Vorbis from Small Gods, only friendlier.

The story works and seeing how it plays out with different choices is fascinating. This is a good work of art. Played the demo, loved it. Baught the game and cant get it to download, it only downlo a RAW file? Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Rar and needs to be sanguine rose f95 before it will run. Yes, Rar isn't supported on Windows by default, but there's lots of free options which will allow you to extract. Sanguine Rose is not just an erotic game well, maybe more that just erotic It is -very- explicitwhich it does well with beautiful art and intense writing.

But is also a clever game, where every playthrough you get a bit more information to get the full scale of the story. That's done in an interresting way : the characters personality changes depending on your decisions, but their background remain the same. Except that you only gets small bits of it each playthrough.

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In the end, it builds a consistant world, with slightly shifting characters. I'm not seeing a button to buy the Android version when I did before. What's going on? The Android demo is sanguine rose f95 up but we haven't released the paid version of Sanguine Rose on Itch yet.

It'll be coming in June, including the Android version. Completed the game many times but i still missed out Day 1 last scene and the 5th ending and 2 of the artworks. Can anyone care to help? We're focusing our efforts on Steam at the moment, but we'll be selling the Steam version here on Itch too in about a month's time.

Great art, much better than the english original stuff posted on mangagamer. Might be worth trying to get the game on that site for better coverage. Looking forward to being able to buy it somewhere not steam. The main character is Roman, a man.

There's a few scenes which can be played from a woman's PoV, but most of the game is from Roman's perspective. In our next project it'll be possible to play as a man or a woman.

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I never though it would be possible to finish a game and think that it was just perfect. But truth is, this one was. Its pretty late, i just finished at Am. The good ending or what i assume is, and hopefully it is was a fantastic finish and the bad one gave me a passion for Roman.

My props to you my good sir Ok I just made an itch. I really really love the story and writing. Its surprisingly well written! The character depths and development is just amazing!

Make it fast!

Really love how well written General Valentine is! Like wow I wasn't expecting such a good story with great endings coupled with some great art! Thanks a lot for making this Story and Visuals. Its just mind blowing. I hope you can make another part to the Sanguine Rose saga?

Maybe same world, slightly different characters. Keep Carmen! This could become a great anthological game! I would love to read such gripping stories with great visuals! More of Carmen's smartness!

Like she can be the new Sherlock level smart with more of her episodes! I like the fact that this could be a great story even without the smut.

And all the sex doesn't feel out of place. OverAll great scenes, great writing!

Sanguine rose [finished] - version:

Please make another such story continuing the Carmen character!! And I would love to play other such games from you aswell. I cant stress enough about how gripping the story is and how smartly written Carmen is! Blows my mind! Reminds me of Bible Black! I had to finish the game in one seating! I want to express my thanks, and my love for this game.

I've only played one of your earlier free builds, from a year or two back, and I was super sanguine rose f95 with the writing, and how drop dead seductive Carmen was. Woooooweeee, she could get my panty soaked, if I was even wearing any at all. It's very impressive how well she is written, when it seemed like most other VN for guys are much more So female characters in those tends to be damsels in player induced distresses. Nice stuff, love this woman, and the supporting cast.

Sanguine rose [v] [duskyhallows]

The VN is so memorable that I'm back here from sheer curiosity alone, and I am super pleased to find the game finished. I can't wait for the next one guys, I'll be back again in a year or two. See yahs. Finally an adult visual novel that is not annoying you with endless and meaningless blabbering without any real possibility of interference.

Your actions actually have some effect in the long run that you can not simply foresee. Plus it is an adult story containing porn without.