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Saiko and the room guide

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The roof is at the top of the school.

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Milf next door - saeko & the room gameplay by loveskysan

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Discussion Reviews 6. Thatguy I exist. Respected User. Aug 5, 1, 3, Overview: This game is basically you get trapped in your neighbor's apartment after she comes home and you're too scared to explain how you got trapped there in the first place and have to escape Basically, its a combination of an escape the room game with the bonus of having a hot chick that, depending on how you progress, you can rape, make fall in love with, or fall in lust with she only wants the D, you got one and she's got leverage you. There are several endings, most gameplay mechanics are mini-games and puzzles albeit easy puzzles.

This game isn't for someone looking for a quick fap, go play a JSK game that doesn't have combat in it for that. Also, the MILF is a lie unless her children have grown up and moved out or if it's referring to the fact you can impregnate her.

Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Download : You must be registered to see the links. Last edited by a moderator: Nov 4, Former Staff.

Aug 5, 5, 25, Thanks for sharing. Niicri released a game with a blonde chick that's just the sex part of this game re-skinned called Alice and the room. You can edit this chick to be blond but the other chick is naturally blonde.

Aug 7, Aug 18, 4, 32, Reactions: ponyguy. Maericke Active Member. Aug 5, Played all of NiiCrii's games and I actually bought this one when it came out.

He's working on another one currently but since it's just him each game takes about a year to come out. Reactions: GottoGuren. Yes you can load a Demo of the new Game. Mein English ist sehr schlecht ich hoffe ich darf Deutsch schreiben.

Reactions: DoriansDad.

Saiko no sutoka – survival guide new update

Reactions: Werner Infamy Well-Known Member. Sep 25, 2, 1, What are the passwords to the safes? Aug 6, 7, 37, Infamy said:.

Spoiler: walkthrough You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Aug 17, Great game, but be careful with your exploration. There are some items that require a pretty specific hit-box to trigger.

Saiko no sutoka – survival guide new update

I think the phone cord gave me trouble but that maybe an issue with the version of flash I had at the time I played this game a couple years ago. ThanatosX Active Member. Jan 21, Trying to build up a better walkthrough. Does anyone know how the touching minigame is supposed to work when your hand is caught, I got her to roll away once but I'm not sure what the trigger is. Reactions: aberzombieCZ66Kuron and 6 others. It's most arousal and making her cum without waking her up. Random Newbie. Mar 10, 25 ThanatosX said:.

Reactions: lidfyIkaros0 and ponyguy. The key in the bedside safe seems to take up the same item space as the one next to Saeko. I gave her both pills then leave, gave me the 'door never opened again end'. Hit continue and left again, she was ovulating in the sex scene.

Appears to still be normal pleasure end. The text file with the rape3 dialogue has 'Enduring' as its name, not sure if that is a good clue. Last edited: Apr 24, Feb 12, 3, 5, Man, getting her off your arm is a bitch. Fun game.

Always enjoyed those ''escape the room'' games. And like most things, it only gets better when you add H to it. Reactions: sucker punch and quc vnh. Aug 21, 25 Guys if you want non night endings don't give anything to her just make her horny then leave btw: you can lower quality and use speed hack of cheat engine instead of waiting. Game isn't bad worth a dl and a couple play throughs. Reactions: EAsy2remem and ponyguy. Arap12 Member.

Aug 15, Tried to play this game and it's pretty neat, variety of different endings but quite long to get to the ending The "Pregnant" part seems to be incomplete, it was one of the things i looked forward but it's a shame that's no longer developed. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.