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Robozou walkthroughs

Return to Hints and walkthroughs. Robozou Here you can post hints or a complete walkthrough for any games. Please no requests for help or questions in this section.

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Robozou walkthrough video

With X-Opera you can play any flash game or animation without a problem. Robozou X. Support the game by sharing on social media. Rate the game: 5 4 3 2 1. Life of our today hero is typical and boring.

Robozou cheat codes

And only he is dreaming about is how to fuck young busty classmates. But today, on the way to home, he's found very interesting robot. That is not some crappy shit like R2D2 from Star Wars. This item is able to control human mind. I think we can use it to fuck every pretty girl in the school :. Game loading. Hide this guide.

Name: Register Your Comment:. Cbomb so endings guide as walkthrough only says best: nothing eventful only mom controlled, stick by your buddy in death, a fight between robots, failed to find the doctor, got everyone with the best being impregnating them too by having 4 vag sex on the correct days.

Robozou walkthrough video

A game you need a guide for, as the sis hint is worthless. I think she's a lesbian. Cbomb WTF!!! Cbomb alkthrough as i have figured it out: day one, use mom and vacuum which always spawns in one of 3 rooms once at every time period, get exp as high as possible.

You must finish this day with 90 or EXP. Now, control her back to the vacuum routine 2 times more. Sadei This is such a great and hard game. Luckily the all might google found the perfect walkthrough to finish all 5 girls.

Will keep playing this game from time to time. Me WHAT guide? You know, Completely in english, uncensored, more girls, maybe the option of having a girl, maybe the sister, as the protoganist. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go spank my roommate. SOS somebody tells me how to get the doctor,i can' t enter the secret passage. Ry there should be all the walkthrough in a video. Anonymous Probulator. How do you get the sister. Anonymous Where do you find sister. Anonymous How do you get the sister? Anonymous ahahahaha Anonymous very difficult. Anonymous what is the good ending robozou walkthroughs Why can't anyone explain 5 vacuums in one day?

I far from figuring it out. Wish there were more like it! Smurf how can i get the vacuum 5 times in one day help, I only can use robozou walkthroughs times in one day? Anonymous How i can use the vacun 5 times? Morf Frustrated as heck.

Can't get past mom. Day one walk through doesn't help. Would love to see how it works. Maybe one more try if someone can help.

Morf Not much help here. I'd like to see how this works but can't get past Mom and even day one doesn't work out. Morf Day one doesn't work for me.

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Can't use the vaccum that many times because it takes me to school after using it once. What did I do wrong? How do you get the doctor.

I don't get it. Angel Avalon Also,in the walkthrough, what is meant by "expostion" and "tunes"???? Angel Avalon I got the teacher If you could only have the freedom to do what you want and have the other girls without it being so hard X I Got it! Easter Bunny What is the key robozou walkthroughs that people are supposed to look for after getting the exchange student? Will robozou walkthroughs help getting the last character? Easter Bunny There has to be some way to get into the magic room at on day seventeen. I have yet to make it. I reached the mom and the teacher but still no sister no matter how many points I get.

Easter Bunny Ok What do you mean by if day six is done right? How do you get to the sister? Easter Bunny OK, can't anyone here tell me how to get to the sister? Easter Bunny K Is there any advice on catching the sister? Easter Bunny The tunes should read turns. Check each door out after you undress mom.

Easter Bunny K How do you get 5 vacumes? K This looks like the demo version. How does one find the full version? Anonymous Beat the game, and it was pretty fun.

A little too complicated for a hentai game though. I got the ending where the robot said something about putting controlly things in the entire town for his own army, but nothing ever happened to instigate any of the girls were pregnant at the end.

Anonymous where does the enema option appear??????? Scarsdale Find the anal probe as soon as possible have her use it and check her stats when her ass is no longer saying "very tight" have at it. Anonymous every day there are 4 turns morning, after school, evening, night.

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Blah ;P I couldn't get the doctor. Probulator This game was cool. The guide was actually pretty good. You have to adjust yourself a little cause its either poorly written or translated. Robozou walkthroughs I think its just to complicated, storyline was good but im not a big fan on incest : but you made it really complicated where you had to wait till this specific time to do this, or have to do this exact kind of sex to get good ending, and the docter thing was complicated too, in the future make it a bit easier or at least have difficulty settings, otherwise awesome game :.

Horny Wolf Great Game.