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Overall Quality Based on 38 ratings. Jeremy Clegg.

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Overall Quality Based on 5 ratings.

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Overall Quality Based on 21 ratings.

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Stephanie McKenzie. Professor in the Psychology department at Vancouver Island University. Professor McKenzie's Top Tags.

Caring Respected Gives good feedback Skip class? You won't pass.

Amazing lectures. Stephanie is a great prof!

Shes super kind and goes above and beyond for her students. Her class material and expectations are very clear. She was the best professor Ive had so far online. She also has very interesting lectures and great class material.

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Check out Similar Professors in the Psychology Department 5. May 8th, For Credit: Yes. Gives good feedback Clear grading criteria Caring.

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Dec 16th, I really liked the class. The lectures were pretty good and it was obvious she cared and enjoyed what she was teaching. There were a lot of extra resources outside of the lectures which I found really helpful to make sure I fully understood what we were learning.

Apr 20th, Loved her class!

Her lectures are super accessible and really interesting. Very engaging. She also is very clear about what she is looking for in terms of answers to tests, and for papers, but only if you show up to class.

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I also took an intro psych with her and I enjoyed her in that class to. She's a big reason I decided to become a psych major. Accessible outside class Skip class? Apr 4th, Stephanie's wonderful. I know students go out of their way to go to her office hours just because she's so friendly and personable. Her lectures are concise and easy to follow.

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She is very kind and understanding, and overall has a very natural, easygoing, and good-humoured approach to everything. Ask her about her dogs.

Accessible outside class Amazing lectures Caring. Dec 10th, Stephanie was a lovely professor. I learned a lot from her class and she gave fantastic examples during lecture. Would definitely take her class again in the future! Respected Skip class? Clear grading criteria.

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Nov 27th, She's kind, cares about what she teaches, funny, and will spend extra time with you to help you understand the material. She gives great feedback and is a very engaging teacher. Her tests were pretty standard. Gives good feedback Skip class? Sep 4th, I highly recommend taking a class with Stephanie.

She is very caring and wants all of her students to succeed which I think is the most important part of being an exceptional professor. Stephanie has a very specific criteria to receive an A and it is very achievable!

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Respected Participation matters Caring. May 24th, She was a great person to talk with as long as you enjoy the same topics.

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She would not help outside of class when needed. Had to learn everything from the book well before her class or it would not make sense. Gets off topic quite easily. Jan 4th, Stephanie was great as a person and made a solid effort to keep her class interesting but her midterms can include some extremely specific topics.

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I'd also double up on the reading from the textbook as its covered quite a bit on the midterms and not in class! Dec 8th, Great sense of humor.

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Could use more photos and videos as additional examples to make it more interesting. Hilarious Clear grading criteria Would take again. Nov 29th, She gives a question pool of around 16 questions, and around 6 of the will be on the final. Her slides cover the most minimal information, so if you miss class you for sure won't pass.

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If you go to class it is easy, as tough a marker s she is. Tough Grader Skip class? May 17th, She provides relevant examples to the material that are easy to understand and remember for the tests. Her asments are crystal clear and so is her grading, but for the love of god, don't let her catch you on your phone. Respected Inspirational Hilarious. May 10th, I would most definitely take Steph's class again.

Just do your school work and you'll do fine. She wants you to do well in her class - so I highly recommend talking to her during office hours should you have any questions with regards to your term paper. Mar 24th, Steph was an amazing prof to have for my first year Psych classes.

She was kind, caring, and really knowledgeable in her field. She is sometimes strict but very fair when acting so. She really cares about her students as well, if you have a desire to succeed she will help you get there. I will definitely be taking a class with her again! Mar 23rd, Stephanie is an awesome prof that knows what she is talking about.