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Private detective game walkthrough

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Bela Kovacs may wear his sunglasses at night and waterfall exhale like a total bad ass not that you should imitate him, smoking is bad, kids, don't do itbut for some reason the Budapest police department doesn't want him as a detective anymore.

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Allan Pinkerton is a private investigator. You receive a letter from Jeremiah in which he suggests you to hire him. The money must be transferred to agency in any bank.

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The favor is a simple quest in which you must transport the investigator's five agents to the appointed cities. You must complete this quest.

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The detective must be paid every month, the transaction can be done in any of the banks. If you are late with payment then Allan won't be working for you until he gets the money.

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His task is to inform you about your opponent's actions allowing you to act sooner. This is done by completing special quests whose goal is to prevent your enemy from getting additional stocks.

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Bounty Train Game Guide. Game Guide. A private investigator.

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Table of Contents. A proposal suggesting you to hire a private investigator. Speak with Allan - he has a quest for you.

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Difficulty level Your crew and development Events Combat Reputation and factions Banks and auctions How to heal your companions? How to get Williams Gatling gun? Earning money from raids. Comparison of profitable activities Smuggling Vehicles, upgrades and damages.

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Achievements System requirements. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .

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