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Prison sissy tumblr

I am a born again virgin and chaste submissive slave. I get off to dirty pictures and writing. I love pretty things.

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Her two best friends were Rachel Shoaf middle in first photo and Shelia Eddy left in first photo. Skylar had been friends with Shelia since they were young children but the duo became a trio in high school when they met Rachel. One night during a sleepover, Skylar witnessed Rachel and Shelia have sex. On the 6th of July,Skylar disappeared. She had come home from work and was last seen on surveillance footage climbing from her bedroom window. On the 16th of January,Rachel confessed that she and Shelia had murdered Skylar.

Years: 20
Where am I from: Welsh
I like: Hetero
Sex: Female
Languages: Spanish
I prefer to drink: Gin

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My dad made fun of me because i played with dolls. He said i would grow up a sissy.

It turns out he was right. Granted they were about 18 but their parents wanted me punished.

The inmates were very intrigued and at first very friendly. Once they found out that i was a cocksucker my roommate decided to keep me as his bitch.

I took care of his every whim and ran errands for him doing what ever he told me to do. Other inmates asked him for my services and he charged them while i did all the work.

Mostly i was used for my holes. They also would take my food rations.

I would have to work for food by taking care of their sexual needs. It made the day go by quickly and the months.

I got out and on probation for three years. Goddess Jennifer via showyourtinydick. Anonymous asked: Hello sissy.

Tell us about your time in prison. Start with why you were there and finish with what happened to you once the other inmates discovered how you are easy meat. Come on, admit it! Oh Yes I Do. Just accept that you have a tiny inferior penis and be happy.

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