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Princess trainer rose the waifu

Return to Doctor shark consultations. Akabur Princess Trainer gold edition if a game makes you a headache by seeking a solution. Post a reply.

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Akabur’s princess trainer gold edition part 9

It will take at least three classes. Unless specifically mention, none of your choices change anything ificant on these dates.

Pick whichever color you want to see Iris in. Choose your destination. You may complete 1 task each day. There are 9 possible tasks, with 1 chosen at random daily.

Your choices especially who you choose to help will affect the of Development Points you receive for completing the task. NOTE: Make a backup save of your game here.

Princess trainer gold edition walkthrough & guide

For the rest of this quest, some choices will be worth Morality points for Azalea. She starts at 0. Choices that subtract Morality will turn her into a whore, while choices that add morality make her slightly less of a whore.

On the subject of her mother being a whore these s look backwards, but they are correct. If you allow the customers to do what they want, she will be a full-blown slut.

Except the quest trigger below, all of the choices here only affect dialogue. The choices you make during these scenes only change immediate dialogue and scenes.

They have no affect on the story. There are no in-game notifications when you unlock an image for the CG Gallery. The challenges are the same as achievements. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.