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Princess trainer gold edition guide

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Currently, I've had wines many times and trying to get Iris a new dress, but it says I have to go through quest It's called "No dancing allowed" but I have no idea how to start this quest at all. Anyone can help me? I've been stuck in this quest for a while.

And the dancer outfit from Azalea. If you already can make Jasmine work at serving, you have to play a couple of dice game with Maslab, at night, to boost your relationship with Maslab. After that, you'll see the quest appear and you'll need to get a dancing permit from Jafar. Go see him without Jasmin or he'll refuse right away.

Hey, I'm trying to do the fixing everything quest right now, and I'm supposed to report back to Iris, but every time I try to go into her room, it says knock knock knockand it goes back to the screen and I never get to talk to Iris.

Akabur's Princess Trainer Gold Edition walkthrough.

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No Dancing Allowed is given by Maslab at the bar. More posts from the walkthrough community.

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