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Years: I'm 30 years old
Nationality: I was born in Canada
What is my gender: Fem
I understand: English, Korean
My body features: My body type is plump
My favourite drink: Vodka

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Pornography has historically been defined against art, though lately those lines have become blurred.

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Maccarone does not make its own art, and Pornhub does not make its own pornography. Scrap metal.

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Photo by Chris Castillo; courtesy of the artist. Pornhub is doing this for marketing purposes, but also because it allows them to throw a glamorous public celebration of their interests without straying outside of the laws governing obscenity.

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While both art and pornography have grown massively in popularity this century, they occupy opposite positions in the spectrum of cultural status, with art at the top and pornography the bottom. This show seems to imagine that art might return some of the old cultural cachet and allure that erotica used to have in the golden age of Playboy. As hardcore pornography moves closer and closer to the mainstream, art might perhaps give it some gravitas and context.

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But the art world has much to gain and to learn from pornography also. Many artists since have lived out their sexual fantasies in their work, like Jeff Koons, who married the porn star Cicciolina and made sculptures of the pair of them fucking. Who these life models will be has not yet been revealed, but presumably there will be some porn stars at the opening; some of whom might wish to become a different kind of subject for the night.

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Colored pencil on paper. Courtesy of the artist and Maccarone, Los Angeles. Artists might also look to pornography to take the mood of the time.

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Pornography shows us contemporary desires and desires are, by some reckonings, what construct our reality. Furthermore, on the subject of hentai the tenth-most-popular Pornhub category of all time : pornography has itself grown more artistic through the rise of these animated Japanese sexual fantasies, which are full of transformation and invention and continue a lineage reaching back to erotic shunga woodcut prints from many centuries ago.

For instance, to E. The result is a diary of sexual desire and ambition: nudes covered with kisses and tagged with prominent literary journals; a mouth dripping with cum; the artist posing as a dog while a naked man looks at his laptop.

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The captions are short poems. By indulging the sorts of exhibitionist and confessional tendencies that Instagram so encourages, but also likes to punish, Stacy seems to question how much you can really represent your own sexuality, and identity, on platforms that issue community guidelines and bans.

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Maybe Instagram and Pornhub and the art industry have made exhibitionists of us all. Art Architecture De Video Parties. Young Curators Shop Cultured.

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Dean Kissick Oil and ink on silver gelatin print. William J.

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