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Pokemon sexy dawn

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You may be looking for Dawn's secret identity and not even know it! For some reason, Megaman approves of this article. Maybe it's an article that shows how stupid Metools are. Maybe it's on virus bustingor on how cool he is. Whatever the reason, he likes this article, and you should not defy him by not reading it, as it's a bad idea to defy the wishes of someone with a gun on his arm.

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Unless you're Chuck Norris. This article contains content not suitable for people with the brain of a person under 14 inches Known for her hot looks, she is considered by far the hottest Pokemon character in the history of the whole show. This is because she is the first girl Ash has ever met that actually wears something different every day.

! You will thank me! Created by Ken Sugimori and Johanna as a Reploid, Dawn quickly burst into the spotlight as a bikini model.

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Her hotness really made her rise meteorically through the modeling world. Unfortunately, her modeling career ended when she was tossed out of a runway shoot after getting into a fist fight with Naomi Campbell. After that, she was jobless. Just when everything was about to A SplodeDawn was hired to star in a show that had already been running for some time called Pokemon. She accepted, seeing as she was about to become as poor as Kenny. She bid farewell to her hometown and her friends Lucas and Damion both of whom she promptly forgot about after becoming famousshe set out to begin her new life.

Fetish modelling isn't Dawn's strong suit.

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After Dawn's first appearance on the show, ratings went their highest since Season 3. Dawn went through a stage that May did when she was new: sexy fanart. Everywhere from Kalamazoo to Ulan Bataar, people drew Dawn in sexy poses. The only difference between Dawn's phase and May's was that Dawn hasn't been drawn at least not very well in a bikini yet Finally, Someone did a good job of drawing her in a bikini and the zombie-fanboy-raver world was once again at ease.

A supposed spin-off called 'The Life of Dawn' came into the internet a few weeks ago. Supposedly, the entirety of Dawn's role in the Pokemon show is nothing more than a lie edited by the producers of the show, but it is unconfirmed as being legal.

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At the very least, it has shown Dawn with dual lightsabers fighting a green-haired chick with plasma cannons, so even if it's not real, it's still awesome. The show Everybody Hates Raymond is rumored to have requested Dawn to star in an upcoming episode, which will be the final season's opening show. Dawn would be a hot neighbor that tempts Raymond to leave Deborah. Frank is also very tempted. Oh, by the way, Frank is now played by your dad instead of the late Millard Fillmore.

Dawn has rejected this role, but May accepted. Boy, did she do a good job. The Simpsons also have requested Dawn star in an episode for No word yet on whether Dawn will accept or not.

Chances are she will decline because of the Bart Simpson incident. In the upcoming Bill Engvall Show, Dawn will star in a few episodes as herself However, unlike all the other shows just like that, she is actually cool. Family Guy has asked Dawn to guest-star in an upcoming episode, but as of now, there is no word on if Dawn will accept. Dawn's addition to the show did three things. First, it initially pissed everybody off because Misty was not reentered into the show.

Second, everybody then realized that Dawn wore shorter shorts than Misty, so it was okay. Third, it raised the show's popularity to teenagers tremendously.

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Dawn is new to the whole pokemon experience, but as of Episode 27, she is getting better by the hour so I wouldn't count her out yet. She started out on a sour note, though.

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She couldn't even beat Team Rocket in the premiere episode. Boy, that must've been immensely embarrassing. Well, at least she managed to call federal autorities.

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Dawn has attracted a whole new crowd of twerps to mix in with the show's current audience of teens. However hot she is, she is still new. It is obvious that Dawn will often get herself in really big troubleuntil Ash pops in and supposedly saves everything while Dawn stands by cheerleading or using Piplup to execute lame attacks.

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May's job was similar, but she killed the guy who gave her that job after he asked to have sex with her after his wife left him. However, May did not want to end up like all the other girls on the show who acted solely as sex objectsso she spiked his Miller Lite with arsenic and he died of heavy metal poisoning.

Thus a lawsuit was filed. However, the lawsuit was dropped when the victim's lust for May was exposed, since there are too many Pokemon s on Uncyclopedia with that kind of crap anyway, which is a cause for the Salem Pokemon Trials. Dawn had a very unsteady financial situation after the IRS screwed her over numerous times. She eventually threatened a lawsuit due to unfair, high taxes.

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Marilyn Manson attempted to abduct Dawn while she was attending the Academy Awards. If it hadn't been for Dawn's swift thinking AKA a can of maceshe would've been eaten by that evil monster with makeup.

Dawn had a relationship with Brock for awhile. Then the relationship ended when Brock punched a lamp out in a heated argument about their still-unstable finances which were still unstable because Dawn was obsessed with buying shojo. Eventually, Brock became an emo and ed the band My Chemical Romance.

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He's the new bassist. She is now single and looking for somebody to love. So all you creepy old folks creepy fanboys can still keep you hopes up. On June 28,Dawn attended Ash's funeral and drank punch spiked with vodka.

She needed medical attention. Police later found that Drew had spiked the punch with Smirnoff. Dawn is doing well.

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Since she is a Reploid, Dawn has a mandatory life in the Megaman universe as well. She started out as one of the generic base guardians in the Zero games.

However, one day her best friend Darth Jesus was blown up by a Grue no, not eaten, and no, nobody knows why and she decided that her job was too dangerous. She decided to go over to her friend Roll. EXE and hang out for a while. However, Roll was subsequently kidnapped by rabid fanboys bent on world domination.

This had the dual benefits of giving Dawn a free house and getting Roll on the way to her eventual rehab. With her new house, Dawn proceeded with her plans for world domination peace and evil Canadian mind control devices justice for all. Unfortunately, several Cyber-Elves found out what she was doing and shut her operation down and stopped her using the secret evil plans for killing Dawn and subsequently obtaining total world domination.

But their evil plans failed, and Dawn managed to escape total destruction. She ran away to Japan and changed her name to Hikari. The Cyber-Elves, however, still managed to track her down, kill her, and replace her with one of their agents. After a month or so during which she practiced acting like Dawn she returned to the States and changed her name back.