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horny latina Carolyn

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DA Link. Beatrice was the definition of a spoiled princess. At first glance, anyone could be deceived by her beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair, and her lithe body, accentuated by regal dresses and adorned with glittering jewelry on all occasions. Her flawed personality, had a sour spot reserved for her own people, not wasting any chance to remind her maids and servants that they were beneath her. That was his plan, until the day he counted the of grey hairs in his black beard, to realize that as his sole child, she was next in line for the throne. The thought of what would happen to his kingdom and his daughter, once she took control, drove him to search for something to help shape her into a fit ruler.

My age: I'm 27 years old
Ethnic: Paraguayan
My body type: My body features is fat
Smoker: No

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Ever wondered what my friends and family think about my ever increasing weight gain?

The things they ask and what I tell them as to why I am growing so huge constantly? I love being embarrassed and publicly humiliated when it comes to my gain! The reactions from others really spurs me on to gain even ore weight! I want to be shocking as many people as possible with my growing size!!

I love feedee girls — curiousbutyellow: plump princess

His arm reached considerably less around her waist than it had two years ago though. Keep reading. Losing weight and weight fluctuations are a reality of life. People lose weight for many, many reasons. To the point of unintentially forcing someone out of the community!

Daddy's little piggy — curiousbutyellow: plump princess

It does not make you less of one. It does not make your desires less valid.

Yes, this community is based on the enjoyment that comes from watching or helping someone stuff their face or gain weight. But if that someone changes their mind for whatever reason, you need to respect it. My mom wants me to wear this at the family dinner.

You can checkout her thread on Curvage to see all her before pics, and photos of her initial gain. Plump Princess. A Fattening Relationship - Part 1.

Bringing this back. Obviously I know that I'm fat as hell, but I thought it would be fun to do a little acting and pretend like I think I'm still fit!

Nsfw blog where i post my stories — commission: perfectly plump princess

It may be a little bad because it's the first time I'm trying something like this, but bear with me. I start in an old bikini top and a thong.

Then I try on 3 old outfits, finishing up with some cheesecake seeing as I worked up a huge appetite trying on the clothes! My face is in this video as well, so you can see how fat my double chin has gotten!

And of course I show my ass in every outfit. This video is in 2 parts because it would have been too big to it as one file.

Best weight gain comic ever! This is an all-time favourite.

My outlet for fat girls — plump princess

Reblog if you are a…. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked. And I'.