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Photo hunt f95

Info: The story is happening around your character, who was unwilingly sent to his mother house.

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Photo Hunt game is about the story is happening around your character, who was unwilingly sent to his mother house. The city you have known before is now like different — so much has changed. Above all, after just one mistake you lost your siblings trust.

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Views: K. In Photo Hunt, you don't have much in your life right now. You have no money, no lover, but you do have a camera. So much has changed with the city you grew up in.

Nothing is what it used to be, and somehow you'll have to learn how to fit in. When life gives you lemons, somehow you need to find a way to make lemonade.

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Photo hunt [v] [moochie]

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Help: Photo Hunt 0. Rating: 5 Votes: Rate this game:.

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