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Pervert action legacy harem code

Updated: 3-Nov Censorship: None Version: 2.

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Re: Pervert Action: Legacy v1. How do I finish Rio's love quest line? BBBen has said it has to be before day 20 possibly on 20, I'm not sure. As far as I know, the only requirements are to start in harem mode, get all 6 girl scenes and the three two-girls three in one case I guess scenes.

Once I did that on day 17, I literally burned 1 time unit and was put immediately into the harem ending.

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I didn't have to wait around until the normal final battle. If you've done all that, my best guess would be to make sure all your stats are maxed out and then do another battle.


I don't want to spoil anything, but I think you might have to overcap a stat to start the ending. Threw me multiple times as I was like what?

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What friggin bug is this! Anyways just play through it and you'll get the rest. Not sure whats causing it but be cautious downloading it. This is because it's an.

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That looks suspicious to some anti-virus programs, but don't worry, the files are completely safe. Just wait around in the fight until she gets sprayed, then win the fight.

Pervert action legacy

Like, how would Rio have possibly had a scene like that with Rio, especially in the location it occurred? I don't get it. What was the deal between Ai and Kim? I didn't feel like it was ever explained why we were sent to ask Kim about Ai, and why Kim said to stop teasing her afterward.

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Just "talk masami" a few times and pay attention to the responses. You should be able to fit it into the correct mood.

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It seems like there's some potential there because it could keep all of the walkthroughs accessible and editable by everyone, plus it won't get lost when people google for a walkthrough. Although I think you can't have actual explicit content on wikia, so no posting of h-pictures or anything. Anyway, just an idea.

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BBBen Wrote: I don't know if anyone cares but a while back someone created a wiki for the Pervert Action games and then nobody edited it, so it just stayed empty. I'm not claiming ownership or anything. I'm just too lazy to do it, plus wikia kind of rubs me the wrong way with their survey advertisements.

You'll keep getting scenes until Ai's scene. I think the final one happens when you read files in the evening specifically, but I'm not sure if the time matters for any of the other ones, and I could be wrong. BBBen Wrote: Incidentally, it looks like nobody's found card 1.

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Therefore I'll leave a little hint - I'm disappointed to see that apparently nobody's tried to actually target spells like you would target an attack