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Penny trials in tainted space

Animated Penny commissioned from Gillenew. This patch brings with it the first chunks of Pennyquest — starting it, setting off, and facing your first foe. I spent way too long writing smutty abilities for Penny to use in future fights.

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Penny - trials in tainted space futanari

Guys, can anybody tell me what tags are using on newgrounds for links, bold text and other? Only complaint I really have is the lack of customization like you can find in the game-- yes, customization for teh dick, but for your first entry like this it's really amazing and sexy! Although I prefer to see breasts and nipples, this is a good animation for being based on a text adventure. Fenoxo should hire you on for special scenes, as fun as the text games are theres nothing like seeing the action, even if they're just short little clips.

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Sort By: Date Score. Please sir, can I fap some more?

Fantastic work on this! A lot better than 2.

Only thing missing is customizations. Music Mittsies. Views 54, Faves: Votes Score 3.

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