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Peasants quest walkthrough

Guide v1. I have simply attempted to pick-up where he left off.

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I have simply attempted to pick-up where he left off. This game is actually very well thought-out and quite a bit of fun.

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From Homestar Runner comes Peasant's Questa hilariously funny game that pokes fun at itself and the text-based adventures and 8-bit graphics of years gone by.

Full of wit and humor, the game will keep you entertained for a couple of hours. You'll have to type your actions in at the bottom of the game window just like in the olden days, so if you're easily frustrated by games of interactive fiction and text-based adventures, this may not be the best game for you. If you stick with it, however, you're sure to get a laugh. The game was created by Videlectrix, the fictitious game company of Homestar Runner, makers of fine retro games like Trogdoralso on Homestar Runner.

Play Peasant's Quest. I finished the game but Jay can I have a hint? I am stuck in this game I have taken the chicken feed and thrown it in the lake. Then I got the stones.

So now I have 5 points. What do I do next?!?!?!?!?! Here's a walkthrough if you are stuck.

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You can't anymore. The game deers have corrected the element allowing for points- get a second arrow, and the game will let you know just that. I'm seriously stuck on Archery game!! Im tried aiming the red spot at the same place all the time, but the arrows go in another direction! If you notice on the right side of the target, there's something blowing in the wind. You have to take the wind into if you want your arrow to hit the bullseye.

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Has anyone ever played King's Quest? It might be too old school for most of the younger players here, but man, I loved that series. That's what this game is based off of. Did You know that if you say hug the tree You go to a tree and hug it, once you do u can't get off, so If you put Get off tree or something it says "You WISH you could do that!

I don't know how to use the wind to help me.

So can you help me? Just so you guys know, if Peasant's Quest looks up-side down today, don't worry.

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It's an April Fool's Joke apperantly affecting the whole site, just for today. I cant seem to throw the chicken feed into the lake all the old man does is tell me that it wont work for bait and i'm right back were i started.

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Hey Jay, this is I think the only homestar runner link game you have on the site. I don't really play the games But I saw a video of "Wheres an Egg" and it's funny. DC made the video. When the flag is unfurled all the way, move the bow so peasants quest walkthrough very edge of it is touching the side of the black on the opposite side than the flag is pointing.

Then line up the arrows with the red line and you have a bullseye. When the wind is not blowing at all, line up your arrow with the bullseye mark and the two little arrows with the red line. I love the bit where I find the robe after breaking into the mysterious hut. I shut the drawer of the dresser after I stole the robe and a message said:.

After you break into someone's cottage and steal their stuff you tidy up after yourself! What a saint!

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Peasant's quest guide v1 - f95zone

Platform: Flash : adventurebrowserflashfreegamehomestarrunnerlinuxmacpixelartrating-gtextthevaultvidelectrixwindows. Comments 36 Views 22, Great game! Doodle, that is Naked Ned. It has a funny note if you write DIE. Can you do anything after you throw the sword?

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The end seems pointless otherwise. Ha, ha. Um, you do know that Videlectrix isn't a real company right? A nice throwback bit would have been if they'd said "press return" instead of "press enter".

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I jumped into the hay and now I cant get out. I got the bow, but I can't do anything without arrows! Where can I get them?

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Never mind! I found them. For people who were stuck like me: You know the archer's brother? To get the bucket back up you type or it is very easy. Throw BABY. Lol great game, try typing cheat lol. That was Awesome! I shut the drawer of the dresser after I stole the robe and a message said: "Awwh, aren't you helpful and boring!

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Very good.