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Party sex online

WITH the second lockdown in full swing, kinky Brits are casting off their loungewear, slippers and inhibitions to explore virtual sex parties.

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Remember when virtual get-togethers were about meetings or cocktail parties? T he Zoom honeymoon is over.

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No more online cocktail parties, where conversation mysteriously cannot flow and everyone takes it in turns to tell an inconsequential anecdote that is short, but never quite short enough. No more FaceTime quizzes, where you lackadaisically Google the answers on your phone, because the goodwill entailed in ing the call in the first place was about all you had in you.

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Presumably, for most people, it is just a practical fix until sex clubs open again. Yet, judging by the of dignitariespublic intellectuals and minor celebrities who have been disgraced over the course of for indulging via video conference, there must be a subset of people for whom video conferencing itself is erotically charged.

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It is hard to get to the root of a fetish when everyone says it was an accident, but I would guess it is all about that virtual space between the public and the private. You are at home, but you are also out; you can hide or you can be seen; other people are present but disembodied; the wall between fantasy and reality is made of gauze. Watching video platforms evolve is like watching the internet in reverse. We started off using the web to watch other people have sex, then eventually we used it for everything.

We started off using video conferencing apps for everything, but eventually we will use them only to watch other people have sex, with a side order of tantra workshops. Locked down and turned on?

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Zoe Williams. Sun 15 Nov The only thing that has survived, apparently, is the virtual sex party.

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