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‘outlander’ producer defends graphic rape scene: “we wanted to do it justice”

The Starz historical fantasy Outlanderbased on the books by author Diana Gabaldon, has swept audiences off their feet with strong, intriguing characters and the epic romance of the central couple who goes gallivanting around in the 18th centuryengaging in fascinating escapades wherever they go. However, no drama, however popular, can be completely immune to criticism. In fact, a healthy discourse, involving both popular and unpopular opinions, ensures the fans' engagement with a series.

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Outlander fans have too been vocal with several unpopular but interesting opinions on Reddit. One fan on Reddit seems to think that Claire and Jamie are really bad for each other, as they constantly get one another into troubleas well as everybody around them. The lead couple, despite having a love that is timeless, is a bit of a trouble mongerinciting chaos wherever they go.

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Their adventures are more the consequence of them seeking out trouble, and not spontaneous exploits. Jamie Fraser's beloved 'Sassenach' might be remarkable in many ways, but it seems like a lot of fans actually have complaints about the character's stubbornness. According to them, she makes a habit of meddling with other people's businessespecially when she doesn't even belong in their time.

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One fan thinks that Claire's approach to social customs in outlander reddit 18th century shows a lack in the emotional intelligence department. While it is important to rebel against archaic and inhumane social and cultural systems, it is also crucial to understand the system, given that this is a society that existed years before Claire's own time. Another fan is quite vocal about how she absolutely loathes Claire and her bossy, domineering nature.

According to this fan, Claire is represented as a radical feminist but goes over the edge when all she does is to dominate and expect everybody to follow her lead all the time.

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She also unfairly blames Jamie for her miscarriage in season 2 when she herself could have shown some more responsibility by taking care of herself during her pregnancy. While Jamie and Claire are definitely beloved, and Frank was always seen as the unwanted intrusion in the perfect love story, so many fans who call themselves TeamFrank feel that the latter was treated unfairly by the heroine.

Thoughts i had watching the first eight "outlander" episodes

Frank, according to a section of fans on Reddit, didn't deserve the way he was simply cast aside by Claireeven after he had believed her unusual tale explaining her disappearance and was a willing, good father to Brianna. Claire ended up becoming cold and unfeeling towards him and never reciprocated his obvious devotion to her, causing their marriage to be utterly unhappy.

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Frank, according to this particular opinion, was a victim of circumstances through no fault of his own and deserved better. Roger McKenzie started out as an adorable goof but seemed to transform into an obnoxious chauvinist the moment his relationship with Brianna took a turn for the serious.

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A 'popular' unpopular opinion is that Roger is an absolute misogynist and his behavior towards Brianna has been quite atrocious. From implying that she was of loose morals when she wouldn't accept his proposal outright, to hesitating to come back to her when he found out about her pregnancy, Roger's behavior did not grant him many favors with a large section of the fans.

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Brianna McKenzie might have become a main character on the show now, but several fans agree that actress Sophie Skelton who plays Claire and Jamie's daughter could do a better, more enthusiastic job. Brianna is declared to be bland and her dialogue delivery is said to feel more like reading the script aloud than actually expressing the character.

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The actress's accent has also not gone down well with some. Yet another unpopular opinion states that the series should give it a rest with all the rape storylines already. From Jamie and Fergus being raped by Black Jack Randall in seasons 1 and 2, to Mary Hawkins' rape in season 2, and Geillis Duncan forcing herself on young Ian in season 3, to Brianna getting attacked in season 4, there has been an overdose of rape in practically every season as of now.

This, the fan feels, was needless and could have been dispensed with. A few fans have pointed out that the show lost itself after the first two or three seasons. They feel that the production value had declined considerably and that the look and feel of the hit romantic fantasy have been rather worse for wear in recent years.

Also, one particular fan wonders how the creators managed to make the entire segment involving Claire and Jamie crossing the ocean to the West Indies, an experience that should have been fascinating for the audience, quite boring.

‘outlander’ producer defends graphic rape scene: “we wanted to do it justice”

One fan is of the opinion that the subject of slavery, which was shown in season 4 of the series, was not handled with enough sensitivity. For instance, the fan feels that the creators could have made a better decision when they had Claire kill off the young black guy while staying on Jocasta's plantation. The situation was, of course, harrowing, and an instant decision had to be made to offer the boy a merciful death, but perhaps there might have been some other way out. Moreover, the fan is also critical of Brianna sketching the slaves, since this opens up a whole can of worms on the colonial representation of non-white men and women.

One fan speaks out by stating outright that the Starz drama is nothing but a soap opera outlander reddit a historical backdrop and some light speculative fictioni.

Thoughts i had watching the first eight "outlander" episodes

The show indeed transcends several broad genres such as romance, fantasy, adventure, and historical drama, although one is open to wonder, as one fan does, whether soap operas have quite as much sex, for God knows, Outlander has plenty. Surangama, or Sue, as she is called by many, has been writing on films, television, literature, social issues for over a decade now.

A postgraduate from London's Goldsmiths University with a Distinction in Media and Communications, Sue has published articles on cinema in some of the leading newspapers in India and has been editor of a prime Outlander reddit online news medium for over a year.

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She has also been published in prestigious academic journals and has had her short stories published both online and otherwise. A teacher, writer, and editor, she is game for mushy romances as well as serious content and hopes to approach them constructively.

By Surangama Guha Published Nov 08, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists outlander.

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Surangama Guha Articles Published Surangama, or Sue, as she is called by many, has been writing on films, television, literature, social issues for over a decade now.