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Noxian nights leblanc ending

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New posts. Search forums. Thread starter Sierra Lee Start date Aug 1, Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 43 of 62 Go to. ed Jun 24, Messages 1, Reputation score Are Character endings mutually exclusive? Kerlon Demon Girl. ed Jan 17, Messages 54 Reputation score Found it, there is a Tentacle that dont move if you get near, south of the blue swith in a sideroom if you speak to him you have to fight massive monsters who drop the Items.

Sierra Lee Cthulhu.

ed Nov 9, Messages Reputation score Congrats Sierra Lee and Nomo, now get some well deserved rest for a few days! Completing a game is one hell of an accomplishment, completing a GOOD game is far better. Thank you for your work on this! Now, where'd I put my pants The new bosses were quite something painfulthe slave ending was a lot more intricate than I expected though I never did find out what the monster potion did I'd also like to suggest allowing people to save at the ending selection screen, as it is beating the last boss a minimum of five times can be a bit tedious, and repeating an ending you've seen before even more so.

Gpof said:. Found a very odd bug. The purple hat dude that stands behind Cnal's shop appears when I take my clothes off, and disappears when I put them on. This was very early before getting irelia btw.

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When trying to take clothes off prior to having the lust level for it, both layers of Riven show up, the naked one being underneath for double boobage. The guy in the cave underneath the prison you can save has no dialogue, but interacting with him causes a ificant speed boost that persists through the game. Riven is on crack like the rats you catch. You can get all endings except the Leblanc one in one playthrough, the Leblanc one seems to depend on having low affection with the other two.

Too bad the game is finished, would have loved to see the same cast in an environment other than Castrum.

ed Apr 12, Messages 56 Reputation score Djoules Jungle Girl. ed Jun 2, Messages 12 Reputation score 0. I know there's one for version 0. Shyao Grim Reaper.

ed Nov 23, Messages Reputation score Anyone got full walkthrough? ed Nov 7, Messages Reputation score 8.

I hope the last story part isn't too tough because I'm going to need to go back and mess with affection levels to get the LB ending. Slayersz Jungle Girl. ed Nov 2, Messages 46 Reputation score Raidriar Jungle Girl. ed Sep 14, Messages 9 Reputation score 0. What are the requirements for the Leblanc ending? Ndsferrari Evard's Tentacles of Forced Intrusion. ed Jun 11, Messages Reputation score 7.

If you consume Aether Wisps, always give it to Riven. If you're prompted to make a choice to favor either Irelia or Katarina, try to cancel the choice. Sometimes it works and Riven will make a remark on how she has to think for a solution herself.

I ended the game with 51 affection with Irelia, 71 affection with Katarina and with the LeBlanc ending enabled.

Oh and when you have to rescue LeBlanc inside the Castle, make sure you peek the guards having fun with her before you go get the key to save her. It's possible to get all 3 endings in the same playthrough.

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Aah, god damn it. So that's the cause. I took the key before peeking. Might as well replay the whole game now ed Jul 29, Messages 1, Reputation score During the take the castle bit, where you end up playing as the blacksmith and the villigers, the fights are REALLY tedious.

Noxian Heavies, espeically. Are you intended to die here? If not consider buffing the villigers and mayor enough that they can atleast hit the damn heavy. Bug report for version 1. Viewing the bad-end scenes in the gallery at the end actually gives you a game-over kicks you to main menu rather than leaving you in the gallery. Playing the very first blowjob scene kicks you out of the gallery too. You've probably already had plenty of bug reports on this, considering how broad the issue is, but the majority of the gallery seems to be fucked.

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With them either teleporting you back to where the scene is from, instead of leaving you in the replay-room. Plus, some fade-to-black then never come back.

Last edited by a moderator: Jun 11, ed Oct 21, Messages 12 Reputation score 0. I've been formattingmy pc and forgot to save my Noxian Nights saves anywhere. I was on the end of update 0. Could anyone send me a save from that point or anywhere around please? ed Mar 22, Messages 11 Reputation score 2.