NOOK | Multifunctional Furniture for Urban Lifestyle

    Multifunctional Furniture for Urban Lifestyle

    Nook is a piece of furniture that fits perfectly in all the needs of a modern way of living, in densely populated cities…

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    Now all people living in small apartments can afford a component that doubles their functions and eases everyday activities.

    The theme of multifunctional devastation never comes out of the sphere of actuality, and today, with living costs growing more and more, the lack of space becomes a reality for many of us. The piece that you see in our gallery is one of those that perfectly saves square meters and serves for several purposes, and that it does not cost the entire fortune. Nook is the creation of designer Andrea Paleres and all in one furniture that can be adapted to all the needs during one day.

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    The Nook is essentially a flawlessly designed ram bed that comes with pillows and mattresses that also have a double back and armrest function, with three mounted pillows serving to distribute space. In essence, this design is very easily transformed from a social seating position and a welcoming reception of guests during the day, to a cozy private sleeping area during the night. With small homes available, in most cases, there is no possibility of placing beds and sofas in the same room, making Nook the perfect option to create greater comfort and functionality.

    nook multifunctional furniture 03

    Multifunctional Furniture

    According to a particular function currently being executed, Nook also has a built-in flat surface on one side which can be used as a coffee table or desk. The magnet system keeps three pillows in the right position for greater privacy. Pillows and mattress can be folded to become back and backrests.

    nook multifunctional furniture 04

    The useful value of this piece of furniture has a triple variation and can serve as an ideal place to work, sit and enjoy in a good society, depending on current needs.

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